Three weeks in the books and Rapids Plungers shows everyone how dangerous of a team they can be, teamAlaska shows us that what happens in week 1 doesn’t always translate to future success and we now have 6 teams sitting with two wins ready to make their move to the top with one slip up by Rapids Plungers!

DaUnderdog (174.30) vs Pack Attack (131.38)

DaUnderdog (2-1) put together their best game of the season in crushing Pack Attack by 43 points. This one was looking like a close game until R. Wilson (45pts) and T. Lockett (34pts) for Seattle decided to take things into their own hands and seal the win with a huge 4th quarter. DaUnderdog has got better each week and now finds themselves sitting near the top of the league standings. They have scored the second most points in the league after three weeks and usually at this time of year that is what you are really looking at more then records. D. Cook looks like possibly the best fantasy RB in the league this year and they have a decent amount of core players that could lead them to victory each week. This is a team to watch out for!

PackMan12 (158.01) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (146.59)

What a game this turned out to be as these two teams went back and forth all weekend! This one came down to the wire as 16hrs got 21pts from the Chicago D in last nights game however PackMan12 got 23pts from K. Mack! For PackMan12 they move to 2-1 on the season and are hoping they can keep this momentum going into next week! They were led this week by M. Evans and his 45 points as well as a surprising 16pts from R. Burkhead. If there is a worry it would be that the bulk of the scoring came from 4 players which of course they won’t be able to sustain that. This team is going to need some other players to step up as well for them to continuing winning. For 16hrs they move to 0-3 however it feels different this year. This team has historically struggled but this year despite the start they have scored more points then 4 other teams and two of their losses came by 12 points or less. If they can keep their head up and playing this way I think this is a team that a few weeks down the road could be pushing their way to .500.

Big Papa (103.27) vs BIGBOY! (71.04)

Big Papa comes away with the win and moves to 2-1 on the season thanks to who else… Mr. Mahomes and his 31pts. I guess you could also say thanks to BIGBOY! and their entire team as they forgot to show up in this one. The two time defending champ is looking like they have their work cut out for them as they fell to 1-2 on the season. After the first two weeks of not great but definitely not terrible play I expected this to be the week they came out firing on all cylinders. Instead, they did the complete opposite and only scored 71 points. I am sure next week can’t come soon enough for a proud BIGBOY! team. Big Papa after three weeks has had by far the easiest schedule so if an asterisk can go next to a record there would be one in front of their name as there has only been 247 points scored against them. To put into perspective teamAlaska has had the most points scored against them and it is almost double that amount at 445 points. Big Papa however has not had a week below 100 points and they will be looking to prove they are for real in the coming weeks!

Bossman (130.90) vs Sportsfreak (114.76)

After starting out the season in rough shape, Bossman does what they do best and they have improved each week. They now find themselves at 2-1 and on a two game winning streak. They had a total team effort this week as 7 of their 11 positions posted double digit #’s and surprisingly A. Hooper matched D. Prescott’s 21 pts and were there leading scorers for the week. Sportsfreak has been playing quite well as a team despite their 1-2 start. This was their worst game of the season yet they still put up 114 points. What they were missing this week is one of their guys having a huge game. The previous two weeks it had been L. Jackson but this week he was average at 14 points and no one else really stepped up to fill that gap. They will be looking for more next week as they take on PackMan12.

HHH (178.04) vs teamAlaska (77.87)

Wow! It is interesting how things can change so dramatically in fantasy football. teamAlaska puts up 199 points in their week 1 win and the next two weeks they score 130 points combined! HHH on the other hand looked terrible in week 1 while scoring 82 points and in the next two weeks they scored an average of 169pts. It is just week 3 so we are still too early to tell what these two teams really are yet but I am starting to think that HHH might be for real and teamAlaska… I think injuries really have hit this team hard and until they get some of their guys back they are going to struggle to score large amounts of points. This week for HHH (2-1) they had 9 of their 11 positions score over 11 points and 3 positions scored over 22pts. That is a great team effort! They were led by M. Ingram and his 35 pts. teamAlaska was led by C. McCaffrey and his 30 points but outside of that there really wasn’t much to talk about with their team. They will be looking to get back into the win column next week!

pack slayer (162.83) vs U Don’t Know (64.78)

Complete domination from pack slayer this week as they move to 2-1 and send U Don’t Know to 1-2 and an embarrassing loss! U Don’t Know had that exciting win in week 1 as they took down Sportsfreak by 3 points but since then they have declined at a remarkably consistent and alarming rate. They have scored almost exactly 40 fewer points each week since then (147, 107, 64). You know how I like trends and stats so that means that U Don’t Know is in line for the worst ever week in our history next week… 24 points! 🙂 pack slayer showed that their is some firepower there as they put up their best week of the season. However, despite the win and the 2-1 record I would also question the validity of this team as they have had the second least points scored against them and take away the previous two games before this they were struggling to get to 100 points. This is a big win but I need to see some consistency before I believe in this team. For U Don’t Know there doesn’t seem like many places to turn especially after the consensus top pick S. Barkley is now lost for anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks and A. Brown won’t earn fantasy points for how well he does on his college exams! This is a tough hole to dig out of but I am sure U Don’t Know will do their best to put a quality product on the field each week! Good luck sir you just may need it!

Rapids Plungers (180.59) vs PackerFANatic7 (138.95)

It’s week 3 I know and I shouldn’t get too caught up on records or how a team looks after 3 weeks I know but…. Rapids Plungers not only is our only remaining undefeated team but they seem to be getting stronger each week. This week they were led by K. Allen and his 44 points however not far behind him was new starter Daniel Jones (36pts) and C. Kupp (33pts). You could argue that getting 113 points from three players is not sustainable and I would completely agree with you. However, the difference here is that Rapids Plungers did this without D. Hopkins and C. Godwin doing much at all this week (combined 16pts). Next week it might be those two putting up 50 points combined and those other three players I mentioned leveling off a bit. Either way, this is a team that has a lot of play makers and it is showing given their 3-0 start! PackerFANatic7 falls to 1-2 on the season however they have been improving each week. They got the win in week 1 despite scoring only 107 points and in their back to back losses they put up 124 and 138 respectively. These are scores that many times will lead you to victory but not in their case so far. They will need to start turning that potential into wins in the near future but right now I am not too worried and I expect this team to turn it around in the very near future.

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!