Teams are starting to slowly separate themselves as we now have finished week 4. I say slowly because there is six teams sitting at 2-2 and another three at 3-1 so I guess maybe the only team separating themselves is Rapids Plungers as they remain the lone undefeated team after four weeks of play! Congrats!

teamAlaska (125.75) vs Pack Attack (120.43)

teamAlaska (2-2) comes away with the much needed win after two awful weeks before. They had their best week since their 199 point week 1 effort. They were led once again by C. McCaffrey and his 27pts this week. While this team waits for their injured players to get back on the field they are going to need continued big games from McCaffrey to find W’s. For Pack Attack they fall to 1-3 on the season and have done a great job of finding ways to lose and that’s about it so far.

BIGBOY! (95.96) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (90.86)

Find a way to win… that is always the mantra for any Fantasy owner each week. BIGBOY! (2-2) did just that this week in a ugly match up against 16hrs Ahead of you!! (0-4). BIGBOY! got solid production from 3 players (Golladay, E. Sanders and D. Johnson) outside of that there was really nothing. A win is a win but I am not sure this one helps them be more confident in their team. For 16hrs this was there for the taking and they just didn’t do it. I am not sure if they are afraid of winning at this point or maybe they have some odd syndrome that makes them get so close to winning that they can smell it / taste it but they never actually get the win. Either way, I think they may want to take some medicine for that soon because it usually only gets worse as time goes on! Not to mention, I am worried it is contagious as Pack Attack seems to be coming down with something similar this year!

HHH (140.15) vs Big Papa (129.54)

This was a big win for HHH as they move to 3-1 on the season and after four weeks are starting to look the part of a championship contending team. They once again put up solid points and now have won three straight games. They finally got some big production from their first round pick in D. Adams (29pts) and they needed it this week to take down Big Papa (2-2). Big Papa on the other hand had in my opinion one of their best weeks of the season despite the loss. They scored their second most points and it won’t be often that Mahomes will be held under 20pts on the week and not to mention they had a player in N. Agholor put up a goose egg but despite all that they played tough and only loss by 11 points. I think both teams can walk out of this one with some added confidence.

Rapids Plungers (129.14) vs Bossman (102.14)

If I told you before the start of this game that Rapids Plungers would have only two players score over 13 points, seven players scored 9pts or less and two of those seven players scored under 1 point… I think you might have been like me and assumed that Bossman would win this one. That was not the case as those two players that did decide to show up for Rapids Plungers did so in a big way as C. Kupp (25pts) and C. Godwin (42pts) combined for half of their points this week. I think that is why this team is so dangerous in that they put up 129 points and their two best players didn’t even score over 10. If this team could figure out the RB position… watch out! Bossman saw their record fall to 2-2 on the season and they have yet to get a complete team game. They continue to have spurts where you can see the potential but they will be looking for consistency in the coming weeks. This week it was the RB’s and TE that kept them in the game while the QB (Prescott) and WR’s failed to produce. It also doesn’t help when your DEF gets you negative points! Bossman will be looking to get back on track next week when they go up against a tough pack slayer squad.

U Don’t Know (97.41) vs DaUnderdog (81.81)

Well that was ugly but you could argue that overall the scoring this week was down for everyone so I guess I will give you that. U Don’t Know was the lucky one to come out on top and move their record back to .500 on the season. They finally got a good game from A. Rodgers (29pts) and their kicker (Lutz) really stepped up their game by putting up the second best point total with 14. That is the kind of game this was but hey.. these are the kind of wins that can go a long ways toward playoff positioning or making the playoffs at all. For DaUnderdog they fall to 2-2 and this has to be extremely frustrating. They came into this week with a lot of momentum and had the second most point scored in the league! They were looking like one of the top teams. Then this happened… What makes it even harder is that there was a chance for the win. They left C. Sutton and his 21 points on the bench this week. Replace Ridley (4pts) or Fuller (4pts) with Sutton and they win by 1. Gotta love Fantasy Football!

pack slayer (158.12) vs PackerFANatic7 (145.38)

I see you pack slayer! Here is a team that has been quietly moving up the ranks and I think after this weeks performance they may not be able to sneak up on anyone anymore. They have had back to back great weeks, 163 and 158 points respectively. Last week was a blowout but this week they needed every bit of those points to hold off PackerFANatic7 (1-3). pack slayer also got some good news that M. Gordon is back and he should start seeing action next week. How much or how this will look with Ekeler playing as well as he is will be interesting but either way it is another weapon at their disposal. For PackerFANatic7 despite dropping to 1-3 on the season they yet again improved on last weeks performance and had their best week of the season. Their lowest scoring week was week 1 when they scored 107 but since then it has been 124, 138 and this week 145. The moral of the story is that this is a team that looks better then their record might say and I expect them to turn it around soon.

PackMan12 (131.80) vs Sportsfreak (83.74)

There is also this other team that like pack slayer they just keep on winning. That is PackMan12 as they moved to 3-1 on the season with the “Biggest Blowout of the Week” over Sportsfreak (1-3). PackMan12 has been consistent outside of their week 2 loss when they only scored 82 points. They have scored over 126 points in each other week and now find themselves sitting in the #4 spot in the league just waiting for someone to mess up. This week they got a huge game from R. Woods (31pts) and their first overall pick in J. Conner (20pts) finally decided to show up. This is a team on the rise. I am not yet convinced they can sustain this success but a couple of more weeks with wins like this would be hard to ignore. For Sportsfreak the frustration is real as they just had their worst game of the season. The part that has to be concerning is that each week they have been going down in scoring as they started out with 144 in a loss but then they went to 137, 114, and 83 this week. On paper this looks like a much better team then we saw this week but L. Jackson (23pts) can’t do it all himself. They are going to need to get production from guys like JuJu and OBJ if they want to get back into contention this season.

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!