Rapids Plungers remains the lone undefeated team and Pack Attack takes over last place. Since very few people have paid me I have decided against handing out a last place trophy. I guess if you pay me then maybe I will re-consider. 🙂

Big Papa (110.52) vs Pack Attack (71.88)

Big Papa (3-2) got back on track this week with a easy win over Pack Attack (1-4). They have now won 3 of their last 4 games and showed once again that a quality defense is more important then a great offense. This is the third game this season where their opponent failed to score over 71 points. Their two losses were to teams that scored over 71 points. If they can keep up the defense they will be fine and the playoffs would seem likely if they however find themselves in a shootout I am not sure they could survive that. For Pack Attack.. they are in last place… they stink… can we start over…what more can be said!?

16hrs Ahead of You!! (164.99) vs Sportsfreak (94.43)

Finally! 16hrs (1-4) gets their first win of the season and they did it in convincing fashion with a 70 point drubbing of Sportsfreak (1-4).  This was a team that coming into the week was better then their record showed as they had two really close losses. They left nothing to chance in this one thanks to huge games from Amari Cooper (48pts) and DeShaun Watson (51pts). Those two players alone combined for 99pts and that would have been enough to beat Sportsfreak this week. They get a touch match up with Rapids Plungers next week however.  For Sportsfreak, they have now lost three straight and have failed to score over 94 pts the last two weeks. The most discouraging part is that in their 4 losses those teams have a combined record of 9-9 which means that they have yet to hit the hard part of their schedule. They will be trying to turn it around next week as they face BIGBOY! in a brother battle!

HHH (132.52) vs BIGBOY! (116.05)

We are 5 weeks in and I think that is enough time to start saying whether teams are for real or not and right now I think it is safe to say that HHH is for real. They got the win this week against the two time defending champs to move their record to 4-1 and they are sitting alone in 2nd place. They were able to win this week despite D. Adams being out and P. Dorsett scoring 0 points. Aaron Jones (46pts) career day however led them to victory and they will be hoping to get Adams back next week. For BIGBOY! they saw their record fall to 2-3 on the season and right now this is a team struggling to find points on a consistent basis. It is still early and this is a very experienced team but they want to be careful falling too far behind in the coming weeks.

Bossman (180.23) vs pack slayer (154.72)

This was the type of game I was waiting for from Bossman as they move to 3-2 on the season. They had been hanging around and winning games but I wasn’t sure if there team was capable of winning a shootout and to be a good team you are going to have to those weeks that you need to do that. This week Bossman did as they put up 180pts! They did it by having 8 positions score over 10pts and 4 of those scored over 24pts. That is great balance! pack slayer had a really good game and in most weeks 154 points is going to get you the win. I am sure they are disappointed in the loss but their team has been on a roll these last three weeks as they have averaged 158 points during that span. They keep that up and they will be just fine! It is worth mentioning that pack slayer left some points on their bench… Wayne Gallman scored .093 points while M. Breida scored 28.35pts on their bench. If you do the math and move Breida to the starting lineup (which I did) pack slayer would have won this game 182.14 to 180.23…. wow!

DaUnderdog (167.33) vs PackerFANatic7 (164.40)

The best game of the week as it was the highest scoring and has many fun elements to it but I am going to start this by saying it is almost unfair that PackerFANatic7 lose in this one. There was a total of 3 teams that outscored them this week and DaUnderdog happen to be one of them. This one came down to Monday night as PackerFANatic7 needed a not great, not amazing but a decent game from Chubb and although in real NFL terms 87 rush yards and 1 catch for 12 yards is decent in Fantasy that is 7 points and for your #1 pick that is a disappointing outing. DaUnderdog walks away with the deserved win and moves to 3-2 while PackerFANatic7 falls to an unlucky 1-4 on the season. There is one BIG item that needs to be mentioned and had they lost it would be even bigger but DaUnderdog had a great week as they scored 167 points but they left someone on their bench that would have made this week one of the best we have ever seen. Will Fuller was benched after 4 sub par weeks and went off to score 62pts this week! I am not sure who he was debating between this week but I am going to assume it was Sutton given last week he had Sutton benched. Had he left Sutton on the bench and started Fuller he would have scored a whopping 215.58 points! That’s more then Pack Attack has seemingly scored all year! Congratulations Fuller you may have earned yourself a permanent starting role!

Rapids Plungers (121.22) vs PackMan12 (45.84)

Rapids Plungers continues to dominate despite having one of their worst scoring weeks of the season. You know your team is good when you have one of your worst weeks and you still win by 75 points! For PackMan12, I am not sure what to think about this one. They came into this week only having one loss and left with what feels like many more! I don’t like to add insult to injury but there were a total of 5 players, not teams.. players that would have alone outscored PackMan12 this week. That’s not a good week and that is about as humbling as they come. Rapids Plungers will look to continue their dominance as they go up against a 16hrs team next week that is coming off their first win of the season!

teamAlaska (127.90) vs U Don’t Know (97.21)

This was another big win for teamAlaska as they move to 3-2 on the season and have put those ugly week 2 and 3 performances behind them. They were led once again by C. McCaffrey and his 48 points this week. McCaffrey after 5 weeks is the #1 scoring fantasy player in the league and it really isn’t even close. McCaffrey has scored 151.68 points on the season while the next closest, Mahomes has scored 136.02 points. If he keeps this up teamAlaska should always have a shot each and every week. U Don’t Know (2-3) has really been struggling for the most part all year. They did have one good week in week 1 when they scored a solid 147 points but since then they have scored over 100 points only once and it was 107 points in week 2. They need S. Barkley and D. Jackson back and soon!

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!