Pack Attack (107.48) vs HHH (102.78)

Did I ever tell you that to win in fantasy football it takes some luck. Usually it doesn’t take as much luck as what Pack Attack (2-4) got this week but that is the best way to describe them getting win #2 on the season. In doing so, they sent HHH to a 4-2 record but given the amount of points HHH has scored they remain in the #2 spot for another week at least. Want to know how lucky Pack Attack was and how unfortunate of a loss this was for HHH… See below and how easy you can lose out on 9 points!

Rapids Plungers (117.38) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (98.74)

Another week and another ho hum victory for Rapids Plungers as they move their record to 6-0 on the season and now have a full two game lead over the next closest team. This wasn’t their best week of the season and in fact it was their second worst but they were able to overcome that and come away with win #6 on the season! Here is what keeps them winning… every week they had had at least one player score 24 points or more. They of course have multiple players do this in weeks and of course those are great weeks for Rapids Plungers but to have the consistency you need a team effort along side some great individual performances and through 6 weeks that is exactly what they have been getting. 16hrs Ahead couldn’t capitalize on a subpar day for Rapids and they have fallen to 1-5 on the season and are sitting in last place once again. Better days are ahead my friend!

U Don’t Know (90.60) vs Big Papa (88.86)

I have said this before and I will say it again. These type of wins that U Don’t Know just got are the ones that can be the difference in playoffs or no playoffs. For Big Papa, it means the same thing as they let a golden opportunity slip through their hands and this one may come back to haunt them. The game itself came down to the very final drive of Monday night as Rodgers sealed the victory for U Don’t Know in that final drive. Both of these teams will be looking for much better performances next week and for U Don’t Know they can feel a little better as they look to be getting the #1 overall pick back from injury next week (S. Barkley).

Sportsfreak (163.03) vs BIGBOY! (118.05)

This was a huge win for Sportsfreak as they moved to 2-4 on the season by having their best week of the year. In doing so, they dropped the reigning champs in BIGBOY! to 2-4 as well. Is it time to panic!? Well… I wouldn’t say just yet but losing three of their last 4 games and only averaging 100 pts in those last 4 games is definitely cause for concern. For Sportsfreak, they are hoping that this was just the win they need to get on a run in the second half of the season. They had 7 players score in double figures with L. Jackson (30pts) and an unlikely hero in J. Williams (23pts). We will see… but this looks like a team that could make some noise in the coming weeks.

Bossman (155.27) vs DaUnderdog (121.87)

Their are certain teams that are just more fun then others to write about and Bossman (4-2) definitely falls into that category. Maybe it is because their team is usually pretty good but never great or maybe it is because their coach / GM reads and likes to make his comments known when he doesn’t feel appreciated or his team is not getting the attention it deserves. So let’s talk about Bossman. I think these last two weeks they came out to make a statement and I think they did just that. The last two weeks they have averaged 167 points which was important considering they were playing two of the highest scoring teams in the league (DaUnderdog and pack slayer). With these lastest wins they find themselves sitting in the #3 spot in the league and they just got Tyreek Hill back. Is it time we start talking more about this team and that they might be real championship contender? Maybe… let’s give it a week or two and see where things stand. DaUnderdog on the other hand didn’t play a bad game but they couldn’t match the firepower of Bossman in this one. The loss pushed them to an even .500 on the season and they are currently sitting at the #6 spot. The next three weeks for this team will be interesting as they face a 4-2 PackMan12 squad and then they get back to back games with 16hr and Sportsfreak who have a combined record of 3-9. If they could win out they then get a chance at the currently undefeated Rapids Plungers squad. A lot can happen in 3 weeks but I am already looking forward to that meeting!
***oh and for the record Bossman, I picked you to win this game***

PackMan12 (123.95) vs pack slayer (115.84)

PackMan12 (4-2) continues to find ways to win and have now put themselves tied with 3 other teams for the second best record in the league. However, of all the 4-2 teams this would be the one I would be most worried about sustaining this success. teamAlaska is a close second but I will get to them later. You have to give them credit however as it isn’t easy having scored the third fewest points in the league and yet still have the second best record!  Not to mention they just out dueled one of the top scoring teams in the league this week. They have some work to do but they have the luxury of doing it with 4 wins under their belt. Do I see a trade in the future? For pack slayer, they dropped their second game in a row and now are at 3-3 on the season. They struggled a bit this week to find consistent scoring as M. Ryan (36pts) led the way but besides him and a solid 18pts from G. Kittle the rest of the team struggled. They will look to get back on track next week against a 1-5, 16hrs ahead of you team!

teamAlaska (170.70) vs PackerFANatic7 (111.55)

This was a huge win for teamAlaska as they move to 4-2 on the season thanks to their best scoring output since week 1. They knew going in that the weakness of PackerFANatic7 was their defense and they exploited that. They got a total of 78 points from Diggs and Cousins and two other players with 19pts each (McCaffrey and Jeffery). I like the upside on this team and they have showed a bit more consistency the past three weeks. I need to see a bit more for me to forget those weeks 2 & 3 where they scored 52 and 77 pts respectively but it is fading…. For PackerFANatic7 (1-5) I think they need to learn how to play some defense. They have allowed an astonishing 920.89 points through 6 weeks which means teams are averaging 153.48 points against them. I would like to point out that PackerFANatic7 has been doing their best to keep up and they are averaging 131.92 points which is good for 5th best in the league and yet there they are sitting with one win! This certainly wasn’t their best outing and in fact it was their second worst of the season but they once again gave up huge points! There is no doubt this is a team better then their 1-5 record but until they figure out how to stop someone….. they will continue to disappoint!

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!