U Don’t Know (119.67) vs Pack Attack (117.63)

What a crazy game this was as U Don’t Know started out with a early lead after the noon games. Pack Attack came back to take a lead after the afternoon games and this one came down to to the very last play that “counted” on Sunday night. With Pack Attack leading by 3 points, U Don’t Know and their QB Aaron Rodgers were sitting on 297 yards passing. It was 3rd down and some coaches would choose to run the ball one more time and trust their Defense. In fact there is a certain GB coach named M. McCarthy who most certainly would have done just that but not this new guy! He went for the win and Rodgers completed a 7 yard pass to go over 300 yards and get the 5 point bonus which sealed the win for U Don’t Know. They moved to a solid 5-3 on the season and put a major hit on Pack Attack’s playoff chances as they fell to 3-5.

DaUnderdog (104.56) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (90.65)

This wasn’t DaUnderdog’s best performance but that doesn’t matter as they were able to hand 16hrs ahead of you their 7th loss of the season! DaUnderdog pulled off a trade with Pack Attack to get a much needed quality starter at TE. In doing so, they gave up one of their better performers in C. Carson. Risk or reward? I guess we will find out later but right now this team with a 5-3 record is sitting near the top of the league!

Bossman (127.34) vs Big Papa (96.32)

There is no doubt who the top team and the favorite to win it all is this year but if you didn’t know there is two teams that play for the championship and it is becoming more clear who that other “favorite” might be! Yes, Bossman I am talking about you! They have now won 4 games in a row and 6 of their last 7. This week they showed Big Papa who’s Boss!! (No, I surprisingly don’t think I have ever used that line). Big Papa with the 4-4 record is right in the thick of things but with their low amount of points scored they are going to need to string together some wins at some point. This is a team that will likely need 8 wins to make the playoffs which means their window for losses is getting smaller!

Rapids Plungers (177.89) vs BIGBOY! (102.70)

Rapids Plungers continues to dominate as they put up 177 points to remain undefeated. They did it again with two players having monster games, Kupp with 44 and Murray with 35! They can beat you in so many ways right now that it is hard to see them losing! They also now hold the record for most regular season wins in a row at 16! This is an impressive streak that I am enjoying watching! For BIGBOY! well this loss pushed them to 2-6 and they are now in a “must win” for the remainder of the season. Every year it seems there is a 7 win team that makes it in but that is usually because of a tie breaker so that means they need to win and win with a lot of points scored. That is a tough task but if anyone can do it, I wouldn’t count out the defending champs until they are officially done!

HHH (143.17) vs PackerFANatic7 (113.58)

No Mercy! I see how it is… as HHH was willing to deal with the complaining he may hear from his son (PackerFANatic7 coach) as they took this one by 30! In reality, the game was closer then the score but A. Jones and his 41 points really closed the door on any shot that PackerFANatic7 had of winning. HHH moves to 5-3 on the season and is sitting in a really good spot while PackerFANatic7 falls to 1-7 and I think it is safe to say they are now playing for pride and of course trying to avoid that last place!

pack slayer (124.92) vs Sportsfreak (108.62)

pack slayer has now won two straight games after losing the previous two. They moved their record to a solid 5-3 and sent Sportsfreak to 2-6. This ended up being a close game thanks to JuJu finally having a good outing for Sportsfreak (21pts). The big news here however was the amount of points Sportsfreak left on the bench from their RB position. They got 16 points from their starting RB’s (M. Mack & T. Johnson) while their bench put up 41 points (D. Montgomery & J. Williams). That is how this season has gone for Sportsfreak and now like their brother (BIGBOY!) they are left with the “Must Win” scenario the remainder of the season! pack slayer will be looking to continue their trend to the top of the standings as they get the fun task of going against Rapids Plunger next week!

PackMan12 (178.09) vs teamAlaska (92.96)

PackMan12 just had their best week of the season in blowing out teamAlaska by 85pts! They had three players leading the way this week, M. Evans (42pts), Tevin Coleman (38pts) and J. Conner (23pts). The win moved them to 5-3 and if the playoffs were to start today they would currently be the # 6 seed. They have some work to do in finding consistency in their team but right now they are looking like a playoff team! teamAlaska falls to 4-4 and just when I was starting to think I understood who this team was they have lost 2 in a row and dropped back to .500 on the season. teamAlaska gets 16hrs and Sportsfreak next but they finish off the season with a tough three game stretch (Rapids Plungers, pack slayer & DaUnderdog). If they make the playoffs they will have earned it!

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!