Pack Attack (154.75) vs BIGBOY! (70.80)

Have we seen the end of the defending champions reign over the league? I am not ready to say that quite yet as BIGBOY! has figured out ways to dig out of holes in the past but falling to 2-5 on the season and now having scored the least amount of points of any team in the league this is a tough challenge even for the reigning back to back champion! It doesn’t help that next week they get to go up against the top team in the league in Rapids Plungers!

pack slayer (101.75) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (69.77)

This was a much needed win for pack slayer as they move to 4-3 on the season. They got the win this week despite having one of their worst scoring outputs of the year. It is hard to have a good week when your starting QB (Matt Ryan) gives you a whopping -0.09 points. They also had one other player, D. Pettis who also failed to score a point. I guess if you consider that all in the fact that they scored 101 points doesn’t look quite so bad. For 16hrs Ahead of You they were a part of the first trade of the season as they aquired K. Allen and C. Hyde in an effort to win now. Here’s a quick tip… you can’t win now when you keep your traded guys on the bench! Maybe they were thinking they weren’t quite up to speed on the system yet but either way those are guys that were brought in to help you win. 16hrs fell to 1-6 on the season and they need to start winning now!

Big Papa (110.88) vs PackerFANatic7 (50.08)

Well.. I guess we have our answer and that is that a good defense is more important then a good offense as Big Papa shut down one of the highest scoring teams in the league! The win for Big Papa moves them to 4-3 on the season and solidified the fact that they do in fact have the best defense and it is’t even close! They are going to need some more of that defense moving forward as they will be without P. Mahomes for a couple of weeks at a minimum. This week they had 6 different players step up and score over 10 points to lead them to victory when Mahomes went down. PackerFANatic7 is left with a 1-6 record and scratching their heads as to what just happened. Finally they have a team not score in the upper 100’s on them and they can’t even get past 50! That is the way the season has seemingly been going for them. They now have an incredibly challenging path back to respectability and of course trying to get away from last place!

Bossman (138.73) vs teamAlaska (130.09)

Bossman comes away with the big win over teamAlaska and moves to 5-2 on the season AND alone in second place thanks to HHH’s loss. I wrote briefly about this team looking for some respect and I think it is time that we start considering this team as one of the better ones in the league! You might think well of course they are one of the better teams in the league they have the second best record but records have a way of leveling off over the course of a season. For Bossman, I am seeing them come together as a team and noticing different ways they could beat you each week. This week it was a classic team effort as 8 of their 11 positions scored in double figures. They also had S. Michel and his 21 points on the bench and got the news that M. Sanu just got traded to the best team in the league! It was a good week for Bossman! teamAlaska fell a little short this week which means their record fell to 4-3 on the season however I was extremely impressed with how they fought in this one as they were without the top player in fantasy this year (McCaffrey) and they still put up 130 points and almost took down Bossman! Kirk Cousins led the way with 35 points but it wasn’t quite enough for them to get the win in this one!

DaUnderdog (105.67) vs PackMan12 (105.29)

Wow! Every year we have at least one of these type of games where they are so close that any slight stat correction would swing it in the other teams favor. For now it is a big win for DaUnderdog as they move to 4-3 on the season while pushing PackMan12 back to 4-3. This one came down to the wire as PackMan12 had B. Bolden and M. Nugent going on Monday night. With 3:03 left to go in the game NE punted and it seemed like there wouldn’t be much more opportunity for PackMan12 to win. However, the Jets muffed the punt (of course they did) and NE got the ball back on the Jets 29 yard line which is in FG range for Nugent (PackMan12 jumps for joy). NE did as expected and they ran the ball three times to run the clock down to the 2 minute warning. So with 2:00 minutes to go they are facing a 4th and 11 and a 47 yard FG attempt. Belichick never turns down points right!? Wrong! NE punts it 18 yards and the game is over and so is PackMan12’s chance at a win! That’s a tough way to lose! Both of these teams however in good position to make a run as they are only a game out of second place in the league! This wasn’t DaUnderdog’s greatest performance but they found a way to win and were led by D. Cook’s 27pts. They get 16hrs next week as they look to separate themselves from the rest of the 4-3 pack! Now… just to hope that there are not any stat corrections that change the outcome of this game! 😉

U Don’t Know (142.38) vs HHH (133.41)

What a game this turned out to be as U Don’t Know holds off HHH to move to 4-3 on the season!  U Don’t Know was led this week by A. Rodgers and his 54pts! Any time you get a player that scores in the 40’s or 50’s you should win and U Don’t Know did just that. Barkley’s return got them an additional 14 points and they will be looking for even more from him as the weeks go on. U Don’t Know has done a nice job of weathering the injury storm early on to stay in contention as they waited for Barkley and some of these other injured players to return. They will be an interesting team to watch out for in the coming weeks. For HHH they scored 133 points but it seemed like there was a lot more points left out there. They got a career day from Marvin Jones (38pts) and the Patriots D once again was dominant (29pts). In fact, the Patriots D was so dominant that all HHH needed was a TD and a few more yards from Brady and they would have pulled off the comeback. Instead both teams leave this week with 4-3 records. Despite all this I can’t move to the next game without mentioning the Patriots D. I know it was in a losing effort but they are doing from a fantasy perspective has been ridiculous! So here are your top scores in fantasy this season so far:

  1. Christian McCaffrey – 171.05
  2. Russel Wilson – 169.77
  3. Lamar Jackson – 170.40
  4. Deshaun Watson – 168.11
  5. Patrick Mahomes – 163.07
  6. NE Defense – 160.00

The NE Defense would be the #2 RB in the league, the #1 WR, the #1 TE & the #5 QB. Not to mention the next closest defense in scoring is SF at 85 points. The NE defense was drafted in the 16th round and # 217 overall, right between Nick Foles and Antonio Callaway! 🙂 Nice work HHH!

Rapids Plungers (165.29) vs Sportsfreak (84.05)

You know that Rapids Plungers team… yeah the one that is 7-0 and the top of the league. Yeah.. they are pretty good and they seem to only be getting better! Rapids pulled off a big trade to acquire A. Kamara but they had to give up one of their star WR’s in K. Allen. It didn’t seem to matter much though as they went out and dominated anyway by scoring a league best 165.29 points. In getting the win that is now their 14th straight regular season win which ties them for the all time record held by Sportsfreak. A record that next week they will be looking to beat. This is the best team in the league and it really isn’t even close right now. The question starts becoming… will this team ever lose or can they become the first ever team to have an undefeated season! That is a tough task and there is a lot of season left to play but I wouldn’t say it is out of the question! For Sportsfreak they fell to 2-5 on the season and are having trouble getting all of their guys to play together on a regular basis. After last week’s dominating performance you thought maybe they figured something out but maybe it was the other way around and that was just a fluke type of performance. With a 2-5 record they can turn this around but they are running out of time!

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!