Crazy week of games and the playoffs are almost set! Congratulations to Big Papa and pack slayer for punching their tickets to the playoffs and to Bossman for finally taking over that #1 spot in the league after Rapids Plungers has had it since week 2!

Side note: Get your lineups set early as I will likely be writing the preview on Wednesday evening this week. 

Pack Attack (94.35) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (70.71)

It’s official! 16hrs Ahead of You!! (1-11) will be finishing the season in last place! I will say that this is the most engaged I have seen this team for quite some time and I appreciate the level of effort. I am sure that next year will be a different story if they continue their level of effort but for now they get to be the lucky winner of the first ever last place “Item”.. 🙂 For Pack Attack (6-6) they won again while scoring under 100 points however it is too late for this team to have any shot at the playoffs. Better luck next year for both of these teams!

Big Papa (165.98) vs Rapids Plungers (154.51)

Wow! What a game this turned out to be and watch out everyone as here comes Big Papa! Big Papa gets by far their biggest win of the season and this would be what you could call a statement win for Big Papa. Big Papa moved to 8-4 on the season and punched their ticket into the playoffs. They also won their 4th game in a row which is the second longest streak in the league right now only behind Bossman. It is hard to ignore what they are doing right now and they are proving that they are a forced to be reckoned with come playoff time. Rapids Plungers played well in this one but it wasn’t enough as they fall to 9-3 on the season and have now lost 3 of their last 4 games. Bye weeks were contributing factors in their losses and right now if I had to pick a Super Bowl matchup it would still be the top two teams in the league which is Rapids Plungers and Bossman. Despite the loss, it didn’t change my thoughts on this team much as they scored the second most points in the league they just happened to play the team that scored the most. With that said I would like to see them get a win next week going into the playoffs as this losing can’t be helping their confidence. Not to mention their historically bad playoff performances, I think closing out with a win is really important for this team!

BIGBOY! (115.66) vs DaUnderdog (81.84)

BIGBOY! wins!! It was nice to see BIGBOY! still fighting and not giving up. They were able to move to 4-8 on the season and sent DaUnderdog to an ugly loss. The way that the week ended up playing out this loss may not end up hurting DaUnderdog very much as it pertains to making the playoffs however anytime that you have the opportunity to punch your ticket to the playoffs with a win you want to take it and avoid it coming down to the last week of the season. The big factor here was that Wilson and Lockett scored a combined 10 points and I can tell you right now that if that for some reason continued to happen it would be very hard for this team to win. Good news for DaUnderdog I don’t expect that to happen very often.. if again this year.

Bossman (115.59) vs PackerFANatic7 (104.99)

Bossman (10-2) continues to roll as they have now won their 8th straight game and with the win they took over 1st place in the league! Not only did they take over 1st place but they also clinched a first round bye which is the most important part of this as it means they only need to win two games in the playoffs to be hoisting their third championship trophy. PackerFANatic7 (3-9) put up a good fight but in the end this team is just not very good and they couldn’t keep up with Bossman. They now need to win next week and hope that Sportsfreak or BIGBOY! lose so they have a chance to be in the consolation round. Bossman will be looking to cap off a pretty incredible season next week with the win and clinching the top seed in the playoffs!

Sportsfreak (109.55) vs HHH (108.58)

WHAT A GAME! I know this one wasn’t a meeting between two teams (one was) battling for the playoffs or playoff seeding but it was against two veteran coaches who take a lot of pride in their play. Sportsfreak seemingly had little to play for while HHH is still trying to clinch that playoff berth. What was fun with this one as it came down to the Monday night game and it kept going back and forth as Lamar Jackson for Sportsfreak was going off for 5TD’s and M. Ingram and M. Andrews for HHH were keeping them in the game (mostly Ingram). In the end, Lamar Jackson and his 39 points reigned supreme and Sportsfreak got their 4th win of the season! HHH fell to 7-5 however given how all the other games ended last week it would take something crazy to happen for them to miss out on the playoffs (but there is a chance)!

pack slayer (123.27) vs teamAlaska (114.34)

This was another great game as pack slayer (8-4) had a huge comeback win thanks to Fournette (30pts) and Kittle (23pts)! This win was huge for pack slayer as #1 it clinched them a playoff berth for the second year in a row and with that it means they get a chance to avenge last season’s super bowl loss! In addition, with Rapids Plungers losing it also leaves the door slightly open for a chance at a first round bye! For teamAlaska (6-6) this loss pushed them back to 6-6 on the season and now they are going to need lots of help if they want a shot at the playoffs. They do have a shot so I guess that is all that you can ask for with one week to play.

U Don’t Know (99.40) vs PackMan12 (77.39)

Yes, I know the record’s say that this was two teams in the playoff hunt but honestly I don’t see two playoff teams here and the fact that this one ended with neither team scoring over 100 points seems about right to me. PackMan12 fell to 5-7 on the season and while U Don’t Know moved to 6-6 and technically kept their playoff hopes alive for another week they realistically don’t have a shot. At this point, they will be looking hit the 7 win mark and finish with back to back winning seasons for the first time ever! That’s not insignificant so if you need some motivation for next week U Don’t Know…. there it is.

Have a great week everyone!