Quick note before we get into the Recap. You may have seen that I vetoed a trade between U Don’t Know and PackerFANatic7. The reason for this is that the trade was accepted after A. Thielen got hurt. I will likely always veto any trade that is accepted mid games like this one was and especially when it involves an injury. This is also a good reminder to cancel any trades you may have proposed prior to the week starting. Alright enough about that and on to the Recap.

Pack Attack (122.45) vs PackerFANatic7 (69.71)

Things are getting really ugly right now for PackerFANatic7 as they have lost 8 straight games and well things seem to be getting worse with every week. After week 6 I was saying this was much better then a 1 win team given how they had played up to that point. They had scored over 100 in every game and just seemed like bad luck since then though I have seen a 1 win team! They along with 16hrs ahead of you! are sitting at 1-8 in the league and both are trying to avoid the dreaded last place finish with 4 weeks remaining. What is even more interesting is that PackerFANatic7 and 16hrs played in week 1 which PackerFANatic7 won that game by 0.66 points. Right now that 0.66 points is what is keeping PackerFANatic7 from being in last place. Pack Attack keeps their season alive for another week as they move to 4-5.

teamAlaska (130.33) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (94.21)

This wasn’t a must win for teamAlaska but in their minds I know they were looking at it this way. They were coming off back to back losses and were in danger of falling below .500 on the season. They put together a solid game in defeating 16hrs and moving to 5-4 to keep right in the playoff mix and in fact if the season ended today they would be the #6 seed. For 16hrs they fall to 1-8 on the season and at this point they are playing the role of spoiler the remainder of the way and of course trying to avoid that last place!

Big Papa (121.69) vs PackMan12 (104.39)

There are certain teams that I have given very little “love” to over the course of this season and I am pretty sure that Big Papa is one of those teams. I have had a hard time getting over the fact that their defense has been carrying them to wins all season and I didn’t expect that to continue. However, here we are four games left in the season and Big Papa is sitting with a 5-4 record and right in the thick of the playoff race. They got the huge win this week against PackMan12 who falls to 5-4 and now the fun begins!  Big Papa got 32 points from M. Stafford and another 20 from Preston Williams who it has now been announced will be lost for the season. PackMan12 missed out on a golden opportunity to pull towards the top of the pack but instead they now find themselves stuck in the muddled middle. Which of these two teams will make the playoffs? Or will neither? A lot to be decided in these last four weeks but for now congratulations to Big Papa for finding a way to squeeze 5 wins out of that team and now they need about three more to lock in a playoff spot!

BIGBOY! (136.09) vs U Don’t Know (126.37)

“Not Done Yet” is the motto I am sure BIGBOY! (3-6) was holding onto all week as they went out and had their best week of the season when they needed it most. Even if they do win out there isn’t any guarantee that they make the playoffs but they ensured that they will have something to play for next week as they go up against a pack slayer. For U Don’t Know they saw their 3 game winning streak come to a halt and they fell to 5-4 on the season. This wasn’t a terrible outing but one that they let slip away as 6-3 sounds so much better then contending with the five other teams that have 5-4 records.  U Don’t Know however does get a date with PackerFANatic7 next week so…. there’s that!

Bossman (132.61) vs HHH (101.99)

All they do is win! Bossman comes away with a huge victory in this one and moves to 7-2 on the season. They have now won 5 games in a row and what  might be the most impressive is who they have been beating. In these last five games they have beat pack slayer (6-3), DaUnderdog (6-3), teamAlaska (5-4), Big Papa (5-4) and now HHH (5-4). So in other words they pretty much took things into their own hands and knocked their competition down while moving themselves to sole possession of second place and with Rapids Plungers loss they now have their eyes on that #1 overall spot. HHH falls to 5-4 on the season and they have now lost 3 of their last 4 games. This was a big test for them which they unfortunately were not able to pass. Their players didn’t come to play in this one outside of M. Jones and his 25 points but their GB Duo of A. Jones (2pts) and D. Adams (9pts) did nothing. They are going to need them to play well if they want to beat the good teams in this league! They get another tough match up next week as they go up against PackMan12 and then they have a bye… Sorry…. and then they go up against a team giving it their all in 16hrs Ahead of you!

DaUnderdog (133.63) vs Sportsfreak (110.27)

This was a big win for DaUnderdog as they move to 6-3 on the season thanks to monster games from R. Wilson (45pts) and T. Lockett (42pts). I am not sure if there is a better QB – WR combo in the league this year then these two. You can’t expect 87 points from two players in most weeks but the opportunity will always be there and that makes them a dangerous team. They scored 133 points and had two positions fail to score a point. Sportsfreak fell to 2-7 and this all but ended their season. They will now be looking to play the role of spoiler the remainder of the way. This is unusual territory for Sportsfreak as they have historically been one of the better teams in the league but they finished 3-10 last season and have some work to do if they want to improve on that this season.

pack slayer (136.09) vs Rapids Plungers (73.14)

pack slayer just did what no one has been able to do in the last 15 regular season games and that is beat Rapids Plungers. Yes, I know Rapids Plungers had better guys on the bench then most teams have in their starting lineups but it doesn’t matter because pack slayer did what they were supposed to do and that is get a big win and moved to 6-3 on the season. If the playoffs were to end today they would be slotted as the #4 seed and would be going up against HHH. They still have some work to do but they have positioned themselves in great shape for not only making the playoffs but also challenging for a first round bye. For Rapids Plungers I am not sure this loss necessarily came as a surprise with all of the guys they had on a bye and they will look to get back to their winning ways next week against DaUnderdog. I think it is worth looking back at the historical run of Rapids Plungers. They set the record by winning 15 straight regular season games, their last loss came on October 15, 2018 to PackMan12! In that span they have scored 2034.04 points and averaged 135.60 ppg. I also looked to see year over year if they had any of the same players and the answer is no and very interesting.  Last year the top two players leading them in that long winning streak were Andrew Luck and Antonio Brown… Go figure! With that said don’t be fooled, Rapids Plungers is still the team to beat in the league and it would likely take an injury or two to change that.

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!