Bossman (154.15) vs pack slayer (129.55)

Bossman enjoyed the week off last week and then came out and did what they have done all year long. Win! They once again made the right call in starting J. Winston (41.43) over Dak Prescott. Winston has been amazing for fantasy football purposes the last two weeks and just might be someone who carries this team all the way to a championship. Bossman also got another great game from E. Elliott (29.95). Elliott has been consistently getting better each week over the past 4 (11.73, 15.03, 20, 29.95) and they may need him to continue that trend next week in the championship game. There were some interesting matchups that we were watching in this one and for pack slayer they got great games from M. Thomas (29.40) and George Kittle (24.70) but they really needed their RB position and their “other” WR’s to step up and that never happened. They will exit the playoffs again without that elusive championship! Bossman moves on and will be looking to be the third team in league history with three championships!

Rapids Plungers (112.12) vs Big Papa (112.04)

Wow! What a game! We have had a number of good games this year but the way this one played out and the fact that it was in a game to decide who goes to the Super Bowl.. there is no doubt this is the best one I have seen all year! Big Papa proved that they still have the best defense in the league as like they have done all year long they held their opponent in check for the bulk of the game. There were quite average scoring for most players on both teams this week however the person I think we would have been talking about as a hero had Big Papa won this was Tyler Higbee and his 22.55 points. What is incredible is that Higbee and his 22 points were more than everyone of Rapids Plungers players high score. Meaning… he outscored Chris Godwin, he outscored DeAndre Hopkins, he outscored Alvin Kamara, Cooper Kupp… the list goes on. Unlikely hero… yes, led them to a victory.. no. The excitement in this one came down to the very end though as Rapids Plungers needed 10.48 points from Alvin Kamara on Monday night to seal the victory. It wasn’t easy and in fact it came down to the very last few plays as Kamara did just enough to seal the victory for Rapids Plungers and move them on to be playing for a championship! Losing by .08 points is about the worst way to lose but it is even worse when you realize that .08 points means so let me tell you… IF your RB had gained two additional yards you would have been a winner, IF just one of your WR’s had gained 3 more yards you would have been a winner, IF your kicker kicks one FG or extra point you would have won, IF Patrick Mahomes doesn’t throw an INT you win, IF Cole Beasley catches more then 1 of the 6 passes thrown his way you win, And lastly… the Rams losing 44-21 with 40 seconds left to play had decided to just kick the FG instead of go for two Big Papa would have won this game!
Now that Big Papa feels even more depressed let’s shift gears and mention that this may be the turning point needed for Rapids Plungers and their playoff woes. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t impressive but what it was is a win in the playoffs and now they will be battling for their first ever championship!
Oh yeah and for those of you that care… stat corrections show up tomorrow morning! Sleep good! 🙂