That’s a wrap on the regular season! A great year it has been so far and congratulations to the 6 teams that are still in the hunt for a championship! I look forward to seeing who will be hoisting the trophy in three weeks! For now though let’s get to the final recap of the regular season!

Sportsfreak (127.46) vs Pack Attack (103.06)

In a battle between two proud franchises Sportsfreak ends their season on a high note with a win and by winning three of their last 4 games. This was a tough year for both teams as they failed to make the playoffs and will be left thinking about what they could have done different in order to get back their next season. Sportsfreak finishes the year out at 5-8 while Pack Attack finishes at 6-7. They both now will head to the consolation bracket where they can try and see who is the best of the worst!

U Don’t Know (130.33) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (104.34)

U Don’t Know finishes off their season on a high note as they win their final two games to finish out the season with a 7-6 record. They are the odd team out as they finished as the #7 seed. When you finish a win away from the playoffs a lot of “what if’s” start coming up and for U Don’t Know it has to be the 86.49 to 79.73 loss to PackerFANatic7 in Week 10 that they point to as one they let get away. Rarely do you lose when your opponent only scores 86 points. Even though this wasn’t the season they wanted they did finish with a winning record in back to back seasons for the first time ever so that is definetly some momentum they can hang onto throughout the off season. For 16hrs this was about as tough of a year as they come. They only managed to win one game but they were competitive early on in the season and were doing their best to try and find wins. They were never quite able to find them this season but I would expect a better season from them next year. I guess that is easy to say because it is hard to get much worse.. and the more I think about that statement I guess that is like saying I don’t expect them to lose every game next year! There’s your vote of confidence I am sure you need about now 16hrs!

Big Papa (130.04) vs pack slayer (99.38)

Big Papa caps off an impressive end to the season as they hand pack slayer their 5th loss and move themselves all the way up into the #3 spot as the playoffs begin. Big Papa has now won five straight games and six of their last seven games. This is a team that at the beginning of the year was winning with their “defense” but during this winning streak they have proved that they can also win with their offense. This is a team that I have had my doubts on all season however with their recent play they have proven the doubters wrong. This looks like a championship contending team and they will get a chance to prove it next week in the Wild Card round. For pack slayer, they fall to 8-5 on the season and they limp into the playoffs having lost 2 of their last three games. This was a team that from weeks 7 – 10 looked like they would challenge for a first round bye and then the next three weeks hit and they look average at best. All teams have their stretches they want to forget so for pack slayer they are hoping they now have their bad stretch behind them and they can get hot now that the playoffs are here.

Bossman (96.17) vs BIGBOY! (94.49)

A win is a win is a statement you here said a lot however in this case I can’t imagine that Bossman is feeling too great with their 2 point win over BIGBOY! The 2 point win over a 4 win team is one thing but it was more about how they won. They failed to score 100 points for the first time since Week 1. Either way, the season that Bossman has had so far has been special. They finish the year on a 9 game winning streak and the #1 overall seed entering the playoffs. I know that they are not satisfied with just being great in the regular season and they now have their eyes set on their third Super Bowl win! For BIGBOY! their tough season came to an end and with it the chance of a three-peat. It was a great run for this team and they did what only three other teams have ever done and that was win back to back championships. They will be rested up and ready for another playoff run next season but for now they get to look at that trophy for a couple more weeks as we wait to see who will be the new Keepers Fantasy Football champion!

DaUnderdog (97.88) vs teamAlaska (86.47)

DaUnderdog comes away with the narrow win in this one to move to 8-5 on the season and clinch any chances that teamAlaska had of taking over that #6 spot. This was sure not their best effort as they failed to score over 100 points in the win. They too are another playoff team that i would call “limping” into the playoffs as they have failed to score over 100 points the last two weeks. For teamAlaska they finish the season off at 6-7 and missed out on a golden opportunity this week. With DaUnderdog only scoring 97 points they wouldn’t have needed a ridiculous scoring output to overtake them. Instead they had one of their worst weeks of the season and failed to even pull of the win. This was kind of how their season had been going. A couple of big wins then followed by terrible losses. They will hope for bigger and better things come next season!

HHH (121.22) vs Rapids Plungers (112.23)

HHH leaves nothing to chance as they take down the now # 2 team in the league. The win clinched a playoff spot for HHH, a 8 win season and some confidence should they meet Rapids Plungers again come playoff time. HHH finished the season strong winning three of their last 4 games to claim the #5 spot in the playoffs and almost overtook pack slayer for that #4 spot. For Rapids Plungers I have been making excuses for this team the last really 5 weeks but to say that I am not concerned with their performance over the last month would be completely inaccurate. The thing I will say is that maybe they are getting some of the “losing” out of their system now so that come playoff time they will be ready to go. The fact of the matter is that this is a good team and they are capable of beating anyone on any given week. Not to mention they have a first round bye! The next three weeks are going to be fun!

PackMan12 (153.63) vs PackerFANatic7 (119.20

PackMan12 finished off the regular season with a high scoring fun game moving their win total to 6 on the year. The win snaps their 4 game losing streak which is at least something to build on! For PackerFANatic7 they finish the season 3-10 and are thankful to have avoided a last place finish. They will hope for a much better season in 2020!