Big Papa (114.82) vs DaUnderdog (112.18)

What a game! If you would have told me before the games started that Mahomes and Wilson would combine for only 14.83 points this week I would have said “no way”. Similarily if you would have told me that Joe Mixon for DaUnderdog would be the highest scoring player amongst both teams and DaUnderdog would still lose, I probably would have had the same “no way” response. Well, both of those scenarios happen this week as the QB play for both Big Papa and DaUnderdog was less than stellar unless of course we want to talk about the fact that Jimmy Garoppolo and his 34.05 points were sitting on the bench this week for DaUnderdog? I don’t think we want to talk about that. DaUnderdog had a really solid season but to see it end like this with a 2 point loss and to have two of the guys they relied on the most in most weeks (Wilson and Lockett) only score a combined 11 points. That stings! Big Papa gets their first playoff win since the 2016 season and they now are one win away from the championship game! This is a team that just continues to defy the odds and find ways to win. They seem to be following the mantra of what a QB that I know they love so much (Aaron Rodgers) stated at his press conference this week “I wouldn’t mind winning ugly all the way to the Super Bowl”. They are now two wins away from their first ever championship. Next in their way, Rapids Plungers and their high flying offense!

pack slayer (176.91) vs HHH (100.22)

Domination! That is the best way that I can describe what pack slayer did to HHH this week. They very quickly with one win put to rest any questions that may have been surfacing the past three weeks of the regular season when they have not played their best. The answer is they have just been waiting for week 1 of the playoffs to show what kind of team they really are and I think the rest of the league took notice. HHH had another strong season but unfortunately they picked a bad time to have one of their worst scoring week of the season. They have however made it to the playoffs in back to back seasons so that is something to build on but this is a team that has two championships to there name. Getting to the playoffs is not enough, they want to win the whole thing! They now will be left waiting for next year to see if they can get that third championship. pack slayer gets to move on and will now face the #1 seed in Bossman. They had a great week with production across the board. They were led this week by Michael Thomas and his 28pts from the offensive side of the ball and they got another 29pts from their defensive player (Darius Leonard). Overall they had players finish with 22 or more points and another 4 finish with 11 or more points. That is a great team effort and one that they hope to and will likely need to continue next week if they want to get past Bossman!