U Don’t Know (125.16) vs Pack Attack (109.34)

U Don’t Know (1-0) once again starts off their season with a win! I say once again because if there is one thing this team knows how to do do well it is how to prepare and win in week 1. This is now their 4th straight year winning in week 1! They pulled off the victory this week thanks to a huge 36.41 pt effort from A. Rodgers! Pack Attack (0-1) at least made this respectable thanks to a good showing from their guys playing on Monday night but the victory for U Don’t Know was never really in doubt!

16hrs Ahead of You!! (143.71) vs pack slayer (137.45)

Whoa! I think that talk in week 1 about how how crazy it would be if 16hrs would actually make it to the playoffs might have actually gave 16hrs something they haven’t been able to find for a long time! Momentum! Ok, I know it is only one week but the combination of Julio Jones and Matt Ryan (55.78 pts) looked good! However, they wouldn’t be here with the win today if it wasn’t for an unlikely hero in Darius Slayton who had 28.10 pts in Monday night’s game. The reality of this game is that it was even closer then the score would say and is a heartbreaking way to lose for pack slayer. With 1:52 left in the Giants game, Darius Slayton catches a 7 yard TD pass. That one catch gave him 6 points for a TD, a point for the reception and it put him over 100 yards which is another 5 point bonus. All in all that catch was worth 12.5 points and that was all 16hrs needed for the win! Alright, I don’t get to talk about 16hrs winning much so that was fun! pack slayer (0-1) on the other hand had a really solid week and would have beaten 12 of the 14 teams this week! McCaffrey lived up to his #1 overall pick by putting up 23.30 points but I think the thing that this team is most excited about is the level of play of Cam Newton (20.10 pts). It wasn’t spectacular but there was glimpses of the old Cam that I am sure they are excited to see more of! It will be interesting to see where these two teams go from here!

Big Papa (125.47) vs PackerFANatic7 (88.07)

Big Papa (1-0) starts off their season with a win by dominating PackerFANatic7 (0-1). They had the second largest margin of victory this week and if week 1 is any indication then that “risky” first round pick of a rookie RB seems to be well worth the risk. C. Edwards-Helaire led their team with 20.20 points and looked dominant. Overall though this team got solid production across the board as 7 players scored over the 10 point mark! I wouldn’t expect too many games where D. Prescott only scores 13 points so this team looks off to a solid start! PackerFANatic7 unfortunately picks up where they left off last season… losing games! They finished with only 3 wins last season and of course it is just week 1 but that was ugly. They only had 2 players score over 10 points and one of those was J. Jacobs and he had 30.50 points. If it wasn’t for Jacobs big day this would have been in the category of embarrassing losses! I am sure PackerFANatic7 coach will find a way to get the team together and make sure they come out stronger next week but until then.. they own the dubious distinction of last place!

BIGBOY! (120.81) vs Starrfavrerodg (109.25)

BIGBOY! (1-0) for the win! We have said that a lot for this team over the past couple of years (back to back championships) but last season they struggled to get into the win column! This has to be a good feeling for them to come into the season and get a win out of the gate to gain back some confidence and set the tone for another good year. Their RB group led the way as C. Carson and E. Elliott put up a combined 44.60 points. However, as I mentioned in the preview this week I expected this one to come down to Monday night’s games and it did. Noah Fant came through big for BIGBOY! with 15.05pts while an injury to James Conner kept him out for a good portion of the game and meant the victory for BIGBOY! Starrfavrerodg (0-1) put up a good showing in their first game ever. I think what I liked most about this team is that they were able to be competitive despite their stars not necessarily putting up the points expected. Mahomes was solid with 22 pts but you would expect more from C. Godwin (10pts) and J. Conner (3pts). On the flip side, D, Johnson (15pts) and MVS (14pts) both played better then expected and if those two can keep up close to those levels of scoring throughout the year this team will be just fine!

Bossman (147.78) vs DaUnderdog (110.23)

Another season opener and another win for Bossman (1-0). All the Bossman teams do is find ways to win year in and year out. History would tell you that this should be a down year for Bossman as historically teams that lose in the Super Bowl really struggle the following year but that was not the case for Bossman this week as they had the second highest point total in the league and got an easy win over DaUnderdog (0-1). Bossman had an unlikely source leading the way this week as C. Ridley was phenomenal and put up 32.43 points. I wouldn’t expect that to be an every week thing but I also wouldn’t expect Ekeler and Engram to score under 10pts combined each week! DaUnderdog got a good game from L. Jackson with 27 points but after that no one except Jaire Alexander (17 pts) got over 10 points and now L. Bell is going to be out for a bit as he recovers from injury. The one good news is that they somehow managed to score 110 points still! AND S. Barkley did not have a normal S. Barkley type of day. He did have 60 receiving yards but only 6 rush yards!? Yeah…. that’s probably not happening again this season.

HHH (133.13) vs Rapids Plungers (115.66)

It is hard to repeat as champions in this league and Rapids Plungers is about to find that out! HHH (1-0) has a great performance and sends the defending champs home with an L. HHH was led by D. Hopkins and his 32 points. If this is any indication of things to come then drafting Hopkins in the 2nd round is going to look like a steal! This was a solid win for HHH against a quality opponent. For Rapids Plungers (0-1) this is kind of their mantra. They feel their way into the season without any big name RB’s and then along the way they piece together a powerhouse team! Overall, they didn’t have a terrible week 1 as most of the players they are expecting to lead their team had OK games but none of them had “Great” games and that is why they weren’t able to pull out the victory. They did however get 21 points from M. Brown this week so that bodes well for them moving forward!

teamAlaska (173.12) vs Sportsfreak (126.59)

It kinda feels like 2019 week 1 all over again! I wrote about this briefly in the weekly preview but teamAlaska last year in week 1 scored 199.26 points. This year they score 173.12 points en route to the biggest blowout of the week. I am not sure what they are doing in Week 1 to come away with such big wins but I would recommend they keep doing it! teamAlaska (1-0) was led by Russel Wilson and his 37 points but they also had 3 other players score over 20 (R. Anderson, Kamara, & Goedert). It will be interesting to see how they follow up this week 1 performance but for at least this week teamAlaska is your top dog! Sportsfreak (0-1) continues to struggle lately to find wins! They didn’t have a bad week but when two guys accounted for 51% of your scoring (D. Adams & K. Murray) that is not necessarily a good recipe for long term success. On the flip side, you could look at that and say that they have two guys that are going to put up points each and every week and they now just need some of the supporting cast to be decent and they will win a lot of games! If I was Sportsfreak, that is what I would be saying!

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!