pack slayer (142.05) vs Pack Attack (96.43)

pack slayer (2-0) learned from last week where despite scoring a solid 138 points they still lost! This week they made sure to put away Pack Attack (0-2) early by putting up 142 points and leaving no doubt who the winner in this one was going to be. The win didn’t come without a price however and this will be the theme throughout this week but C. McCaffrey went down after scoring a TD and now is expected to miss 4 to 6 weeks! That is a big blow for this team but thankfully C. Newton seems to be the Cam Newton of old. Can he and the rest of the team hold down the fort while McCaffrey is gone? It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks go!

HHH (142.44) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (141.58)

Wow! What a game this turned out to be! For those of you that were only paying attention to your game let me set the stage here. Going into Monday nights game HHH (2-0) was down by 14.38 points but they had Brees left to play. If I was HHH I would like my chances of Brees getting over 14.38 points on Monday night against the Raiders. However, those points were hard to come by and it looked like they may not ever come! All that Oakland needed was 1 more 1st down and they could have run out the clock but they couldn’t do it. Instead they kick a FG to put them up 10 with 1:05 to play. At this point Drew Brees had 264 yards passing and 8.3 points. Well, let’s just say what happens next only benefited fantasy football players because this is what you call “garbage time” points. Brees runs the hurry up offense and in that 1 minute drive throws for 48 yards (2 points) and got over the 300 yard mark (5 bonus points) which allowed for Brees to finish with 15.24 points and HHH pulled off the victory by a mere 0.86 points! These are the type of games that make fantasy football so fun unless of course you are 16hrs and are screaming for Brees to just let the clock run out. This is about the closest thing you will find to a buzzer beater in fantasy football! What a game! For 16hrs (1-1) this was clearly a rough loss however after two weeks that have to be pleased with how their team has looked. They have the #3 scoring team in the league and have scored over 140 points each week! Could this be the year for 16hrs or will this loss be enough to push them into their usual tailspin!?

Bossman (189.53) vs Big Papa (132.93)

If there was any question how Bossman (2-0) was going to react after losing in the Super Bowl last year well… I think those questions are answered. This team has looked dominant through two weeks. Josh Allen has looked unstoppable and Calvin Ridley is averaging 30 ppg so far! Add on to that Fournette just put up 28 points and this team is going to be tough to beat. There is a bit of bad news however and that is one of their bright young WR’s in C. Sutton was lost for the year to an ACL injury. Bossman has now won 11 straight regular season games which ties them for the 3rd longest streak in league history! Big Papa (1-1) had another solid outing this week but they just happen to play the team that scored the most points in week 2! Usually Big Papa is known for having one of the top defenses and holding teams in check but not this week! I can say however that they have been the most consistent team in the league with regards to scoring. Let me show you: Week 1 = 132.32, Week 2 = 132.93. At least you can’t say your team didn’t improve from Week 1! Big Papa will look to score 134 points next week as they take on the undefeated BIGBOY! team while Bossman looks to continue their domination against a winless Sportsfreak team!

BIGBOY! (121.32) vs DaUnderdog (68.27)

BIGBOY! (2-0) comes away with the easy win here over DaUnderdog (0-2) who had a brutal week! BIGBOY! got solid production from their entire team as they had 6 players score in double figures and were led by J. Edelman and his 26 points. This team has not been dominant this season but they have done what good teams do which is find ways to win each week. They will be looking for win #3 against Big Papa next week! For DaUnderdog, they got some work to do to avoid their season going even further up into flames. You knew going in that this team was going to be dependant on two primary players each week (L. Jackson and S. Barkley). Now Barkley is out for the season with an ACL injury so that means someone else on their team is going to have to pick up the slack. This is where fantasy managers can show off their skills as winning without your 1st round pick available for an entire year is a tough task! Good luck DaUnderdog!

PackerFANatic7 (119.84) vs Sportsfreak (110.29)

This was a big win for PackerFANatic7 (1-1)! Yes, I know it is week 2 but thinking back to last year and the season they had they did not want to fall to 0-2! They were led this week by T. McLaurin (24.25) and an undrafted FA in J. Robinson (21.70). I am sure they are happy with that production but for this team to go anywhere this season they are going to need better production from some of their stars! For Sportsfreak (0-2) they are off to another tough start and I am sure they are frustrated with this loss. D. Adams didn’t play much in the second half of the packers game and only put up 4.8 points. Without that happening would this score have been different? Maybe… but it wasn’t and now Sportsfreak is left with a 0-2 hole to dig out of and to make things worst they get to do battle next week with the top team in the league through two weeks in Bossman!

Starrfavrerodg (120.53) vs Rapids Plungers (89.91)

Starrfavrerodg (1-1) gets their first win ever and they did it against the defending champions! They were led by Mahomes (28.64) and Conner (20.82) this week. This one has to feel good as not only was it their first ever win but they also did it without their top WR in C. Godwin, J. Crowder was also out and he last week put up 24 points AND they had Gronk starting who failed to register a single point. For Rapids Plungers our defending champs they fall to 0-2 on the season. This one was rough as Will Fuller clearly wasn’t himself as he didn’t register a single point! P. Campbell who seemed poised for a big game against the Vikings secondary who was torched the week before by Rodgers got hurt in the first quarter and now may be out for the season. Malcolm Brown who had 47 rush yards prior to going out with injury as well although his doesn’t appear to be serious. All in all that counts as a rough day and I expect better days ahead for this team!

U Don’t Know (143.98) vs teamAlaska (138.28)

I already talked about what a game HHH vs 16hrs was and all the drama surrounding that one. Well, this game here was a very close second and it also almost turned into a miraculous win for teamAlaska. How close was it? Let me show you all the ways teamAlaska could have won this one…
1. R. Wilson throws for 12 more yards = teamAlaska win
2. K. Allen has 4 more yards receiving = teamAlaska win
3. S. Diggs has 4 fewer receiving yards = teamAlaska win
4. M. Evans has 5 fewer receiving yards = teamAlaska win
5. J. Taylor has 2 fewer rushing yards = teamAlaska win
6. C. Lamb has 7 fewer receiving yards = teamAlaska win
AND last but not least if A. Kamara would have found a way for 5 more receiving yards on Monday night football teamAlaska would have won! Guess what.. none of those things happened and U Don’t Know got a great win! U Don’t Know moves to 2-0 on the season and they look like they have a team that can beat you from many different areas and they are doing all of this without their top pick in D. Henry performing as you would expect. teamAlaska falls to 1-1 but they have to be happy with their back to back performances to start the season.

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!