HHH (130.94) vs Pack Attack (87.26)

HHH is continuing their hot start to the season as they come away with their easiest win of the season and remaining undefeated at 3-0. They have been extremely consistent through three weeks as they have scored over 130 points each week this week however they were led by an unlikely source in J. Jefferson the WR for MN. He put up 31 points in the win! They will be looking to keep this thing going next week as they host another undefeated team in U Don’t Know! For Pack Attack they fell to 0-3 and at this point if you are in need of a win… this is the team you want to play!

Starrfavrerodg (127.28) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (105.09)

They got the first one out of the way last week and now Starrfavrerodg (2-1) is ready to go on a winning streak! They were led this week by Mahomes and his 44.43 points in Monday nights game as well as a solid showing from J. Conner (24.27pts). Starrfavrerodg is heating up and to make things even better, do you remember that team that I mentioned you want to be playing if you are in need of a win? Well I am not so sure Starrfavrerodg is in need of a win BUT they will go up against Pack Attack next week so starting out their rookie campaign at 3-1 is looking very likely! 16hrs falls to 1-2 on the season and I think in this case you can point to two players. These are the same two players that lit up the scoreboard in week 1 and now they combined for 8.69 points. That is J. Jones and M. Ryan. Yes, Julio was left as a starter despite not playing this week (16hrs didn’t have another healthy WR on their roster) but I would have expected a bit more from Matt Ryan. This is a team that assuming they can get healthy they are going to win some games and I expect them to compete but they may need a week or two to get back to that point.

BIGBOY! (117.66) vs Big Papa (117.51)

Wow! We have had some fun games already the past three weeks but despite the lower scoring game this one came literally down to the final seconds of the week. Big Papa was down by 12.92 points going into Monday nights game. BIGBOY! did not have any other players and Big Papa had one, that was their 1st round pick in C. Edwards-Helaire. This is what first round picks are supposed to do! They get you that 13 points you need and lead your team to a victory right!? Unfortunately for Big Papa that was not quite the case as Helaire finished with 12.77 points and they lost by a mere 0.15 points! 0.15! I like to put things into perspective, so Big Papa you lost this game by a total of 3 yards rushing from your top overall pick! 3 yards!! 3 more yards and we would be talking about the great win but instead BIGBOY! remains undefeated and moves to 3-0 on the season and Big Papa falls to 1-2. This one is going to sting for awhile! For BIGBOY! there are always games like this throughout a season and sometimes winning these games that could go either way are the difference in making the playoffs or not. This is a 3-0 team so they have set themselves up nicely however of all the 3-0 teams this is the one I am most concerned with. They are going to need some guys to start playing like the stars they claim to be if they want to keep in winning!

Bossman (156.34) vs Sportsfreak (106.83)

Bossman is on a roll as they dominate once again and get their now 12th straight regular season win in a row! They are now alone for the 3rd longest regular season winning streak in league history only behind Sportsfreak (14) and Rapids Plungers (15). They dominated this game right from the start as J. Allen (37.75), D. Cook (28.97) and A. Ekeler (25.73) set the tone and they never looked back. In fact, if you throw in their 4th highest scoring player in R. Woods and his 16.70 points that is all Bossman needed to win this week (4 players)! Bossman is 3-0 and it would be a hard argument to pick any other team as the top in the league through 3 weeks! There is one I think that could make their case but I will get to that shortly. For Sportsfreak they fell to 0-3 on the season and without T. Lockett’s 37 points this would have been really ugly! They however have been bit with the injury bug as both D. Adams and G. Kittle were out with injury. I expect better days ahead for this team!

Rapids Plungers (153.83) vs DaUnderdog (92.15)

Finally! That is the words I am sure the coach of Rapids Plungers (1-2) was saying after their team came together and put up a really good scoring week! They had a rough last week with only 89 points but you can see them piecing together their roster and this week you saw the potential. They wanted nothing to do with going 0-3 to start the season and they dominated DaUnderdog from the start thanks to 8 starting positions scoring over 10pts and their D position leading the way with 30! DaUnderdog is struggling right now to find points as they fall to 0-3 on the season. They were relying heavily on L. Jackson and S. Barkley to start the season and when Barkley was lost for the year it put a lot more pressure on Jackson to make up the difference. Unfortunately for DaUnderdog 11.47 points isn’t going to cut it. They are going to need some guys to step up and soon if they want to salvage their season!

U Don’t Know (152.09) vs pack slayer (110.18)

I mentioned this in last week’s preview but I really like the overall makeup of this U Don’t Know team and it showed again this week as they move to 3-0 on the season. They once again got production from a number of different players as they had 7 positions score over 10 points. Anyone of those players that scored over 10 points are capable of a 30 point game. For example, week 1 it was Rodgers who led the way with 36.41 points, Week 2 it was S. Diggs with 31.65 points and this week it was D. Henry with 27.48 points. That is the type of depth and production that will win you a lot of games and barring any major injury I expect this team to continue winning! For pack slayer they put up a good fight without their star RB (McCaffrey) but in the end they didn’t have enough firepower to keep up! They fell to 1-2 on the season and they are already counting down the days before McCaffrey’s return!

teamAlaska (186.12) vs PackerFANatic7 (118.94)

R. Wilson and A. Kamara…. that is about all you need to know for this one as both of those guys play for teamAlaska and they combined for 85.59 points this week! teamAlaska got some solid play from others which allowed them to have a huge scoring day at 186.12 points. They moved to 2-1 on the season and are now the highest scoring team in the league through 3 weeks. Can this continue? I am not sure but when you have the highest scoring QB (Wilson) and the highest scoring RB (Kamara) in the league and a decent supporting cast you are going to win a lot of games! PackerFANatic7 falls to 1-2 on the season and really didn’t stand a chance in this one. They didn’t have a terrible game but they are going to have to figure out a way to score over 120 points in the coming weeks if they want to be more then a .500 team this season. It will need to start next week as they go up against the top team in the league in Bossman!

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!