Starrfavrerodg (110.96) vs Pack Attack (100.55)

Don’t look now but that rookie coach of Starrfavrerodg (3-1) has won three in a row and has now moved to 3-1 on the season! They continue to just find ways to win. This week wasn’t pretty but they did just enough to pull off the 10 point win over the worst team in the league after 4 weeks, Pack Attack (0-4). This one actually came down to Monday night to determine the winner as both teams were scrambling a bit due to the schedule change of the Chiefs and NE game. Mahomes (18.59pts) didn’t have a Mahomes like game and that kept Pack Attack in the game! There was one play that decided this game and it can be seen by clicking the following link. Game winning play!
This was worth 12 points for Starrfavrerodg and helped lead them to the 10 point win and keep them tied with 5 other teams at 3 wins! For Pack Attack well this team is no good right now and they have created a monumental type of challenge to salvage their season in the coming weeks!

DaUnderdog (117.00) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (47.46)

And there it is! DaUnderdog gets the much needed win and moved to 1-3 on the season! This was their best game of the year and they are hoping this is a sign of things to come. They have been trying to find the right mix of players ever since losing S. Barkley for the season and maybe this was the type of week they needed to build some momentum and string some wins together. They get to play the last place team next week in Pack Attack so things are looking up for DaUnderdog. 16hrs on the other hand lost their 3rd straight game and have declined each week since starting out with that really promising win in week 1. Injuries have been a problem and Julio was hurt again last night and seems like he may need a couple of weeks off to get right! Either way, 16hrs will go into next week yet again looking for win #2!

Big Papa (184.99) vs Rapids Plungers (157.64)

Shootout of the week! Both of these teams were going back and forth and the points were flying in! Specifically I am thinking of that Dallas vs Cleveland game as D. Prescott and his 54.84 points for Big Papa was the most by any player in fantasy this year! Prescott is also the #1 overall scoring player through 4 weeks! Big Papa moved to 3-1 on the season and are trying to stake their claim as one of the top teams in the league. Wins like this can go a long ways toward making that case. Rapids Plungers falls to a tough luck 1-3 on the season. By tough luck I mean they would have outscored and therefore beat any other team this week except for the one they actually played which was Big Papa! The good news for them is that they have now scored 150+ in back to back weeks and look to have figured out a solid roster moving forward! This was by far Big Papa’s best game of the season and they will be looking to keep that going next week against 16hrs!

BIGBOY! (147.18) vs Sportsfreak (112.06)

BIGBOY! (3-1) left nothing to chance this week and wanted to make sure that no stat correction was going to mess with their win! They dominated a desperate Sportsfreak team that fell to 0-4 on the season. BIGBOY! got this win thanks to huge production from Brady (40.18) and OBJ (31.92)! I am sure they are excited about both players but to see OBJ finally show up and have the type of game you know he is capable of and every week you are waiting hoping and waiting in anticipation for it to happen… but it rarely has over the past couple of years. If he can get going this team would look that much better! Sportsfreak has had a rough year as they fall to 0-4 on the season. They were once again without D. Adams but I don’t think he would have been enough to pull out the win here. They did get Kittle back and he went off for 40.68 points! Considering the rest of the team only scored 71.38 points I am not sure how good they feel about that as they know it isn’t sustainable. This is a team, like Pack Attack that has now dug themselves a HUGE hole that they need to figure out a way to dig out of!

PackerFANatic7 (116.09) vs Bossman (97.64)

And.. it finally ends! The Bossman (3-1) winning streak that is as PackerFANatic7 (2-2) pulls off the upset and stops the streak at 12 regular season games in a row. PackerFANatic7 got solid games from T. McLaurin (20.90) and M. Stafford (23.52) to lead the way and to move their team back to .500 on the season! I think it is also worth mentioning that they won this game despite having Joe Mixon and his 45.57 points on the bench! Hey PackerFANatic7 if you don’t have any use for Mixon I am sure I could find a starting spot for him on my roster! 🙂 You don’t have to look far to figure out what happened here for Bossman as C. Ridley (0 pts) and A. Ekeler (1.90 pts) did not get their usual points in this one. Ridley was shut down by J. Alexander while Ekeler’s minimal points was due to injury. I think the injury to Ekeler is going to slow down some of the momentum that Bossman had built through three weeks. One interesting thing about this win for PackerFANatic7 is that they are the one and only team with a 2-2 record through 4 games. No idea what this means but from a standings perspective it is a bit odd! Maybe it means that we have 7 good teams, 6 bad teams and one in PackerFANatic7 that has yet to decide which one they are!

U Don’t Know (144.00) vs HHH (124.27)

This was the game of the week coming in and it didn’t disappoint! Like expected it came down to Monday nights game and U Don’t Know (4-0) once again got a great performance from A. Rodgers (35.87) which was exactly what they needed to lead them to another victory and they are now the lone undefeated team in the league! The way at which they won this game is once again why I think barring injury this team will continue to be your favorite in the league and is going to be tough to beat. They had 6 players score in double figures and 5 of those scored over 14 points. They did all this without their best RB (D. Henry) who was on a bye and their replacement scored 0 points. HHH fell to 3-1 on the season and were just missing that one player to show up and dominate. They had solid performances from a few of their players but in the previous weeks they always had one player who seemed to have a monster game to lead the charge and they were missing that this week. This seems like it could be a preview of a playoff matchup down the road!

teamAlaska (122.68) vs pack slayer (98.18)

teamAlaska moves to 3-1 on the season despite scoring their fewest points in a week all year. This is the exact reason why I think this team has a real shot at making some serious noise! They have to be excited about the Gurley 17 points and they won despite Kamara having a good game but not great. Overall they are now sitting at 3-1 and based on points they are sitting at spot #2 in the standings. This is a team that is continuing to look like one of the better ones in the league! pack slayer falls to 1-3 on the season in a game that they probably feel as though they should have found a way to win. Instead, they had their lowest point total all season. They have now dug themselves into a bit of a hole that they are going to have to dig out of which when C. McCaffrey comes back this is a team that has a shot to do so however they are likely going to need to figure out a way to win at least one without him. Will it be next week?

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!