DaUnderdog (114.80) vs Pack Attack (109.32)

DaUnderdog (2-3) comes from behind thanks to a great game from E. Sanders (23.10) on Monday night and they send Pack Attack (0-5) to their 5th straight loss and keep them winless on the season. DaUnderdog has won back to back games and scored in the 100’s both times. I am not ready to count this team as a contender as they haven’t exactly beaten the best teams in the league however they will get a chance to prove their worth next week as they go up against the undefeated U Don’t Know squad. For Pack Attack there terrible season continues to find ways to get worse! The questions starts looming… Will this team win a game all year!? Is it the players fault? Is it coaching? I have heard they have an up and coming GM in their household so maybe we could see a change at the coaching position if this continues!?

16hrs Ahead of You!! (104.93) vs Big Papa (90.96)

Well it wasn’t pretty but 16hrs found a way to FINALLY get that 2nd win on the season! It has been a long time since they have seen the number 2 or above in the win column and now that they have that monkey off their back maybe they can figure out a way to get back to .500 on the season. 16hrs was also part of our first trade of the year as they traded away one of their top WR’s for…. well what would seem like very little. Either 16hrs isn’t expecting Julio Jones to ever come back healthy this year or they see something in M. Gallup and J. McKinnon that I don’t. For now though they got their 2nd win and things are good! For Big Papa this one was ugly for many reasons. Not only was it ugly watching the injury to their star QB (Prescott) but ugly how no one else on their team decided to show up this week…. oh wait… one of them actually did. Yep, that was a guy by the name of Chase Claypool! If you didn’t hear he was on Big Papa’s bench and he scored 41.90pts! Big Papa falls to 3-2 on the season and with Prescott out for the season this team suddenly doesn’t look as tough!

PackerFANatic7 (125.97) vs BIGBOY! (100.19)

This was a big win for PackerFANatic7 as they move to 3-2 on the season and continue to move their way up the leaderboard. This was one of those kind of prove it games and now that they have beaten Bossman and BIGBOY! in back to back weeks I think it is time to take this team for real. They started J. Herbert this week due to M. Stafford’s bye week and he went out and led their team in points with 29.81! I still think this team is missing a piece or two away from truly contending but with each win and passing week I am starting to buy in a bit! BIGBOY! has now loss two of their last three games as they fall to 3-2 on the season. They did pull off a trade that it would seem will benefit them down the road but they have to first make it through a tough three game stretch which they go up against Bossman, teamAlaska and Rapids Plungers.

teamAlaska (141.23) vs Bossman (108.24)

teamAlaska (4-1) just keeps on winning! This wasn’t their best game of the year but it was good to see them bounceback from their lowest scoring game of the year last week. They once again were led by R. Wilson and his 24pts but they also got 24 pts from T. Gurley and another 10 out of J. Graham. The good week could have been even better had they started started B. Cooks as he went off for 32pts! They won the game so it didn’t hurt them but has to be in the back of their head as they decide who to start next week. For Bossman (3-2), with Ekeler on IR, Fournette out due to injury and now D. Cook maybe missing time their RB room is getting very thin! After starting the season in dominating fashion they have now lost two straight games and are scrambling a bit. However, their coach Steve always seems to have his teams ready and finds ways to win. It wouldn’t be right if Bossman didn’t have some adversity they had to overcome!

HHH (133.29) vs pack slayer (115.73)

HHH comes away with another win to move to 4-1 on the season! This was a big win simply because they did it without their top RB as Aaron Jones was on a bye. They continue to be the model of consistency as they have yet to score over 142pts this year BUT they have yet to score under 124pts. At some point they are going to need to win in a shootout but if that consistency continues throughout the regular season you are looking at a 9 or 10 win team minimum! pack slayer falls to 1-4 and has really been struggling since losing C. McCaffrey. However, if there is a silver lining the three losses have been against the currently top three teams in the league (U Don’t Know, teamAlaska and HHH) which means that the schedule has to get easier from here on out AND McCaffrey will be back soon so despite their 1-4 record there is a slight glimmer of hope!

Rapids Plungers (138.23) vs Sportsfreak (95.60)

Here are two teams going in seemingly complete opposite directions. Rapids Plungers wins their 2nd game in the last three tries and their one loss they put up 157pts. They got production this week all across the board as 7 players scored in double figures and three of them were over 20 points. This is no doubt a team on the rise and there next 4 games will be extremely telling as they go up against 4 teams all with winning records. They win all 4 and they are likely sitting at or near the top of the league, lose all 4 and their season is over, go .500 and they are playing from behind but battling for a playoff spot the last 4 weeks of the season. Big 4 weeks upcoming for Rapids Plungers! For Sportsfreak (0-5), well things continue to get worse! They lost their 5th in a row and had their worst week of the season to stay winless! If there is any good news it is that they get to play Pack Attack in two weeks and you know.. someone has to win that game!

U Don’t Know (185.65) vs Starrfavrerodg (145.80)

You know what!? This U Don’t Know (5-0) team is REALLY good! They looked dominant again this week as they had their best scoring game of the year AND they did it without their top scoring player so far this season (A. Rodgers). They did however get great production from Rodgers replacement as R. Tannehill filled in nicely with 30.70pts. Overall once again this team won with a true team effort. Only two positions failed to score in double figures and one of them was their DEF team. The best team in the league continues their dominance! Starrfavrerodg (3-2) suffered their 2nd loss on the season but it wasn’t because they played poorly. In fact, they actually had their best week of the season! Sometimes that is the way it goes in fantasy but you want to rack up those points as being the rookie I figure I better explain that all record tie breakers at the end of the year are decided by who has scored the most points. This was a loss to a really good team but the points scored may make the difference in seeding come playoff time!

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!