Big Papa (3-2) vs Pack Attack (0-5)

Big Papa is coming off their worst week of the season not just because they lost but also because they lost D. Prescott. They were able to pickup his backup from the waiver wire but it is going to be hard to replace a player averaging 35 ppg through 4 weeks. They do however get the opportunity to play the team currently in last place and they shouldn’t need a lot of points to win this one. If they can get the win here to move to 4-2 it gives them some wiggle room to fine tune their roster as they look to make a playoff push. Oh and look who is not riding the bench this week…. welcome to the starting lineup Mr. Claypool!

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Historical Look at this Match-Up: 

  • Regular Season Match-ups: 18
  • Record: Advantage Pack Attack at 11-7
  • PPG Avg: Advantage Pack Attack 130.21 vs 117.37

16hrs Ahead of You!! (2-3) vs Sportsfreak (0-5)

I can just imagine that this is a fun game for 16hrs as they are the one who is sitting at 2-3 while their good friend and coach of Sportsfreak is over there at 0-5. I know that Jared the coach of 16hrs is a caring man and always looking to help someone out but this time… I am thinking he would want nothing more then to send Sportsfreak to an 0-6 start! Also, history is on their side this week which is significant because this is literally the only current opponent I can say that for! 16hrs owns the head to head at 10-6 and they also score the most avg points against Sportsfreak then any other team (122.18). This doesn’t bode well for Sportsfreak. In the 2018 season Sportsfreak started 0-6 but prior to that their worst start was way back in 2004 when they started the season 0-3. This is a proud franchise and I know they will do whatever they can to get this win!

I don’t see a lot of points scored in this one and when I say that I usually look towards which team has the one or two star players that could have monster weeks and that is who I pick to win. Well then I guess that means I am picking Sportsfreak to get the upset win and get their first win of the season thanks to big games from D. Adams and G. Kittle.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:

  • Regular Season Match-ups: 16
  • Record: Advantage 16hrs at 10-6
  • PPG Avg: Advantage 16hrs 122.18 to 111.97  

BIGBOY! (3-2) vs Bossman (3-2)

Both of these teams are coming off of ugly losses last week and will be looking to right the ship this week. Bossman will likely be without their top two RB’s (Ekeler and Cook) and are hoping that the fill ins can provide a spark. BIGBOY! has some big names on their roster such as Brady, OBJ, Zeke, TY Hilton and now Julio but outside of Zeke the rest of the crew has been extremely inconsistent in their performances. If these 5 players all have good weeks together this team likely won’t be beat but at this point it is hard to see that happening. So which one of these two teams remains near the top of the leaderboard and which one falls to .500?

Bossman is always one that is hard to count out in any matchup even if it looks like they are outmanned. Given the recent news of the Falcons shutting down their facilities due to a positive COVID test that hurts both teams but it hurts Bossman the most as C. Ridley is the one guy that you could see having a BOOM type of game and putting up 30+. Allen also is in that category but one guy won’t be enough. I tried Bossman but I just don’t see you getting the win here. I think BIGBOY! gets the W and continues to put together a roster that can compete with the top teams in the league.

Historical Look at this Match-Up: 

  • Regular Season Match-ups: 10
  • Record: Tied at 5-5
  • PPG Avg: Advantage Bossman 118.96 to 116.03

U Don’t Know (5-0) vs DaUnderdog (2-3)

DaUnderdog has won two straight games but to call them impressive wins might not be the most accurate. However, a win is a win and the fact of the matter is that they are one more win away from getting back to .500. You will hear me talk a lot about .500 throughout these weekly articles because if you are at .500 you are within striking distance. Most years we have at least one 7-6 team make the playoffs. U Don’t Know has been dominant and they look to continue that this week. They will however be without one of their top weapons in DK Metcalf but they will be getting back A. Rodgers so they should be fine. Can they continue their dominance or will DaUnderdog somehow pull off the biggest upset of the year?

I don’t think there is an upset here however I do think DaUnderdog makes it interesting. I am expecting L. Jackson to have his highest scoring game of the year and A. Robinson to also have a big game against Car but that won’t be enough to take down U Don’t Know as Diggs likely has a big game with the Bills playing from behind. Taylor and Henry also have nice matchups in games their teams should win! U Don’t Know remains undefeated!

Historical Look at this Match-Up: 

  • Regular Season Match-ups: 14
  • Record: Advantage U Don’t Know at 8-6
  • PPG Avg: Advantage U Don’t Know 108.79 to 97.10

HHH (4-1) vs teamAlaska (4-1)

Game of the week! This is easily the top game of the week given it is a meeting between the two teams currently sitting at spots #2 and #3 in the standings. Also each of their one loss came at the hands of the undefeated U Don’t Know team AND if that wasn’t enough to make it the game of the week then the fact that it is two brothers going head to head should cap it off! teamAlaska really struggled to a one win season in 2018 but they followed that up by narrowly missing the playoffs last year and now they are looking like one of the better teams in the league through 5 weeks. For HHH they had a rough one win season in 2016 but since that time they have not missed the playoffs and like teamAlaska through 5 weeks they look like one of the better teams in the league. This should be a fun one!

Ugh… I was all excited about evaluating the game and then I looked and I see teamAlaska with arguably their three top players on a bye (R. Wilson, A. Kamara and K. Allen)! Wilson and Kamara are the top scoring QB and RB through 5 weeks and K. Allen is just outside the top 10 at the WR position. Those three players have accounted for 46.8% of teamAlaska’s scoring through 5 weeks. So am I saying they are going to lose? Yeah, I think so. That is too much scoring to overcome. The one thing they have in their favor is that HHH is going to have to go find a QB as Brees is on a bye and the pickings are slim. There is a bit more firepower on HHH’s team this week though and I think they do get the W.

Historical Look at this Match-Up: 

  • Regular Season Match-ups: 17
  • Record: Advantage teamAlaska at 10-7
  • PPG Avg: Advantage HHH 121.00 to 113.83  

PackerFANatic7 (3-2) vs Rapids Plungers (2-3)

Both of these teams are what I would call teams on the rise. PackerFANatic7 has won their last two games and three of their last four while Rapids Plungers has won two of their last three games and they have averaged an impressive 149.90 ppg in those three games. I have to say I am quite impressed with how PackerFANatic7 coach Bryson has been able to keep his team winning despite the lack of talent on the roster. They have been plugging in guys and they have been performing. I am equally impressed with the way that Rapids Plungers was able to take the RB position which looked like a weakness early on but has now at least for this weak turned into a strength! Impressive stuff from both teams but now who is going to win this one?

I am going to go with Rapids Plungers to keep things rolling this week. There is one potential scenario that would make me pause for a bit and that once again has to do with the MN/ATL game and if that were to be ppd as that would affect 3 players for Rapids Plungers. Quite honestly, I think that is the only way PackerFANatic7 has a shot as Rapids Plungers was doing good prior to this week and now with the D. Cook injury, A. Mattison turns into a borderline top 5 RB that they get to plug into their starting lineup! Rapids Plungers with the W!
***I think it is also worth noting the 3 previous games these two have played and how much Rapids Plungers has dominated***

Historical Look at this Match-Up: 

  • Regular Season Match-ups: 3
  • Record: Advantage Rapids Plungers at 3-0
  • PPG Avg: Advantage Rapids Plungers 156.05 to 114.73 

Starrfavrerodg (3-2) vs pack slayer (1-4)

Starrfavrerodg and their coach are new so it is always interesting to see how they react when adversity hits throughout the season. Well they did well during their first test which was a loss in week 1. They moved on quickly from that loss and proceeded to win three in a row until last week when they got steamrolled by U Don’t Know despite having their best game of the season! Sometimes teams look at that and say… I just had my best week of the season so I am feeling good despite the loss. Others will get down and think things like, “I just got my butt kicked and I had my best week of the season….I guess my team isn’t that good!”. So which one will it be for Starrfavrerodg? pack slayer comes into this one in desperate need of a win. I did mention that they played the top 3 teams in back to back to back weeks so those losses are not terrible but it doesn’t take away from the fact that they are sitting here at 1-4 with their only win being against the worst team in the league. A win here would be huge as not only do they stop the three game losing streak but they also would give another loss to a team that they could be battling with for a playoff spot.

I am intrigued by this one and this actually might turn out to be the closest game of the week. I do like Starrfavrerodg to get back to their winning ways this week. The WR position strongly favors pack slayer but the RB position edge goes to Starrfavrerodg. I expect Jeudy is in the flex for Starrfavrerodg and I am not confident in D. Johnson playing for pack slayer. All that said the big difference here comes down to the QB position where I expect Mahomes to come out on top over Newton. The only way pack slayer wins is a repeat performance 28 pt performance from newly aquired R. Tonyan!

Historical Look at this Match-Up: 

  • Regular Season Match-ups: N/A
  • Record: N/A
  • PPG Avg: N/A