Big Papa (145.70) vs Pack Attack (100.71)

This was a “big” win for Big Papa as they move to 4-2 on the season! Big win? You might be thinking… how is this a big win against a team that has yet to win a game in Pack Attack (0-6). I consider it a big win given the circumstances. Big Papa had just lost Dak for the year and was coming off their worst week of the season. Losing here to a winless team would have been demoralizing. Instead, they went out and not only did they win but they also had their second highest scoring week of the season! They have positioned themselves in a good spot as they look to finish off the second half of the season strong! For Pack Attack… well they have had a total of 4 losing seasons in the league and when they lose they don’t just kind of lose.. they lose big! 2007 = 1-5 start, 2010 = 0-6 start, 2017 = 2-4 start, 2019 = 1-4 start and then of course now an 0-6 start. Better luck next year for Pack Attack!

16hrs Ahead of You!! (124.85) vs Sportsfreak (111.58)

16hrs Ahead of You!! with another win moving them back to .500 on the season! This was a HUGE win for their playoff chances as similar to what I wrote about Big Papa these are the games you need to win if you are going to make the playoffs and they did just that. It wasn’t pretty but they found a way in large part thanks to Matt Ryan and his 36.95 points. The one thing that is also worth noting though is that the player they just traded away (Julio Jones)… yeah he also scored 31.85 points and the players he got in the trade only scored 6.85 combined. They got the win this week but it will be interesting to see how the trade continues to look as the weeks go on. For Sportsfreak they keep pace with Pack Attack and remain winless on the season setting up a great showdown of the last remaining winless teams next week! 🙂

Bossman (134.31) vs BIGBOY! (82.87)

I wrote in the weekly preview that Bossman (4-2) is always hard to count out even when they seem outmanned and yet again they show me why as they dominate BIGBOY! (3-3) to move to 4-2 on the season. This is where coaching comes into play as Bossman got a total of 43.20 points from their DEF and D player positions. As you all know these are tough positions to find points at and for them to be able to find 43.20 points is impressive! BIGBOY! may be able to take some notes as they found a grand total of 1.55 points from those two positions! This was a big bounce back type of game from Bossman as they hadn’t looked great in their previous two. For BIGBOY! they fell to .500 on the season and have now lost 3 of their last 4 games. This however was their worst of the season and it won’t get any easier as they have teamAlaska and Rapids Plungers for their next two games. We should know a lot more about this team at that time as right now their record shows how their team looks which is very average.

U Don’t Know (98.41) vs DaUnderdog (83.87)

You know things are going good when you have your first real “dud” of a game and you still win by 15! That is what happened for U Don’t Know as they moved to 6-0 on the season and it was really won by one player and that was D. Henry and his 50.73 points this week. Yes, he scored over half of their points and virtually singlehandedly won this one. It was an odd week for U Don’t Know as they had 6 starting positions fail to score over 1.5pts. Included in that list are A. Rodgers and Mike Evans. DaUnderdog falls to 2-4 on the season but they really have to be disappointed in this one as if you would have told them prior to the game that U Don’t Know was not going to score 100 points you would think they would believe they could walk away with the upset and their 3rd straight win. However outside of L. Jackson (27.92pts) and P. Lindsay (11.73pts) and their Kicker (13.20pts) no one else on their team could figure out a way to score over 7.65 points! This was a missed opportunity for DaUnderdog and one they may be looking back on as the season goes along. Every team has at least one of these weeks where they score minimal points and for U Don’t Know to do so and get the win you start talking about things like… who is going to beat this team? Can they be the first team ever to go through an entire season and not lose a game?

teamAlaska (129.65) vs HHH (102.05)

So for those of you who have had some reservations about this teamAlaska (5-1) squad and had been wondering is this team for real or not well I think we have our answer. Not only did they beat the then #3 team in the league but they did it without arguably their top 3 players (R. Wilson, A. Kamara and K. Allen)! Now that those three guys have their bye weeks behind them and teamAlaska is sitting at #2 in the league this is a team that not only looks for real is just sitting and waiting for one little mess up by U Don’t Know so they can take over that top spot in the league. HHH (4-2) had a shot in this one but they needed more from their stars A. Jones and D. Hopkins in this one as they combined for only 16pts. The one positive that came out of this for HHH is that with each passing week J. Jefferson is starting to look like a star fantasy WR and is far outplaying his draft position. He had the most points of any WR in week 6 with 41.30.

Rapids Plungers (146.13) vs PackerFANatic7 (93.01)

Here they come! Your reigning champ in Rapids Plungers (3-3) has won 3 of their last 4 games and now have moved their record back to .500 on the season. In those last 4 games they have been averaging 148.96 points and I think you could make the argument that this has been the best team over that time. That statement alone should have the entire league on notice as not only is this the reigning champ but also a team like Bossman that knows how to win. Interestingly enough that is who they play next week in a great regular season game! PackerFANatic7 fell back to .500 on the season and had one of their worst weeks. They had won two in a row coming into this and were looking to inch up into that upper echelon of teams but instead they find themselves falling all the way down into 10th in the league. Their lack of points scored through 6 weeks is something to keep an eye on if they end up in a tie scenario come playoff time. My takeaway from this game is that Rapids Plungers is going to be tough to beat the rest of the way and they are not giving away that trophy without a fight! PackerFANatic7 is a team that is OK but they I don’t know if they have enough firepower on a week to week basis to finish in the top 6!

Starrfavrerodg (121.86) vs pack slayer (71.58)

Ok I hear you Starrfavrerodg.. I am thinking it is time to start recognizing this rookie coach and team as a legitimate contender after they win again and move to 4-2 on the season! Through 6 weeks they own the 2nd ranked defense (2nd fewest points allowed – some would call this the 2nd luckiest team in the league) and the 7th rated offense. While the 2nd ranked defense doesn’t bode well as to why we should call them a legitimate contender but the fact that they have done the little things through these first 6 weeks and are continuing to structure their roster for the long haul has been impressive for a rookie coach. Not to mention, the coming out party that I think many fantasy managers have been waiting for finally came for D. Swift (28.08pts). If he takes over that backfield he becomes a RB2 the rest of the way which greatly helps a team that has been relying on their D for the first 6 weeks of the season. Ok now to pack slayer… well they are not very good! They fall to 1-5 with their worst scoring week of the season (71.58) and the wheels seem to have fallen off ever since C. McCaffery went down to injury. They may get McCaffery back this week but it seems like it may be too late to salvage their season.

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!