Pack Attack (110.72) vs BIGBOY! (102.72)

Ouch! This one is going to sting for awhile and likely all the way into next season as Pack Attack (2-8) pulls off the upset over BIGBOY! (4-6). Why would this upset last all the way into next season? If BIGBOY! misses out on the playoffs by one game they will be looking back at this one as they just loss to a one win last place team! The good news for BIGBOY! is that they didn’t lose any ground in their quest for the playoffs but the bad news is that they didn’t gain any! A win in this one and they would have been tied for that #6 spot with 3 games to go! They now need to win their three remaining games and get some help if they want to get back to the playoffs but after this loss that looks extremely unlikely!

16hrs Ahead of You!! (94.83) vs Rapids Plungers (78.24)

Wow! What an UGLY yet HUGE win this was for 16hrs (5-5) as they move back to .500 on the season and they find themselves tied with four other teams for that 6th and final playoff spot. In looking at their schedule coming into this week you knew it was going to be a big challenge for them to make the playoffs as their remaining schedule is one of the toughest. They didn’t let that get to them and they did what they needed to do this week and now they get a suddenly struggling teamAlaska team next week. For Rapids Plungers this was a hugely disappointing loss as they fall to 5-5 on the season. If the playoffs were to end right now they would be in the playoffs thanks to the points scored tie breaker however this was a chance for them to create a bit of breathing room and even keep their hopes alive for a playoff bye. Instead now they are in “hang on” mode as we enter the last three weeks of the season. I am excited to see where the next three weeks leads for both of these teams and given their last playoff season was almost a decade ago I can’t help but root for 16hrs!

Starrfavrerodg (123.03) vs Big Papa (119.38)

There it is! We now have a brand new #1 overall team in the league! This rise to the very top of the leaderboard has been extremely impressive for Starrfavrerodg as they move to 8-2 on the season with a huge win over Big Papa (6-4). Starrfavrerodg has answered every question along the way and they answered the last one this week which was, “Can they win without Mahomes”? Yes, they can and for the remainder of the season that shouldn’t matter as Mahomes bye week is now past him and they look locked and loaded for the final three weeks and playoffs. There are a couple of things that are super important in this league and that is consistency and 100 points. If you consistently score 100 points or more each week you will likely be in or within striking distance of the playoffs at the end of the year. Starrfavrerodg has done just that in their first year as they are the only team in the league this year that has scored over 100 points each week and that has now led them all the way to the #1 overall spot in the league. Now let’s talk about Big Papa as despite the loss they proved they won’t go down without a fight this season and with a 6-4 record and three games remaining this looks like a playoff team… BUT… there is one thing with this one that I am sure Big Papa coach is not happy about and that is their decision to keep their 2nd round pick in the draft and 21st player taken on the bench for this one (Kenyan Drake). This is the type of game these players are supposed to win for you and had Drake been in the starting lineup over M. Gordon Big Papa would not only had won this game but they would have moved themselves into a 4 way tie for 1st place in the league! Those are the ones you lose sleep over!

Bossman (115.81) vs U Don’t Know (109.59)

Bossman (7-3) does it again and finds a way to win their 3rd in a row and four of their last five games. This win was the biggest of them all as not only did it get them to 7-3 on the season and within striking distance of that #1 overall seed but it also took down a team in U Don’t Know (7-3) who is right there with them battling for that # 1 spot or a first round bye! This was a close game all the way through and it came down to the last two players for Bossman to get the win. They went into Sunday Night’s game down by 18.78 points with both J. Meyers and Dalvin cook left to play. Meyers surprisingly outscored Cook 14 to 11 but the combination of both of them was just enough for a 6 point win. U Don’t Know falls to 7-3 on the season and has really been struggling to find wins the last 4 weeks as they have gone 1-3 over that time. I think the thing to hold onto for this team is the fact that despite all of that they still have everything within their grasp. Playoffs look like a lock still, first round bye is in play and still the #1 overall seed. So despite the rough go of it the past few weeks if you would have told them starting the season that through 10 games they would be 7-3 and one game out of the top spot in the league I think they would have taken it! I expect better days ahead of U Don’t Know. There is something interesting about this game and it is for sure a Bossman way of winning and I mean that in a good way. I mentioned that J. Meyers outscored Cook and their combined score was what led Bossman to the win. The how behind the scoring for J. Meyers is where it gets interesting. How often do WR’s throw TD passes? I think it is safe to call that rare. How often do those WR thrown TD passes turn into a fantasy football win? Even more rare. J. Meyers threw a 24 yard TD pass on Sunday night football which equaled 6.48 points. Bossman won this game by 6.22 points. So for those of you who are math challenged, without that TD pass Bossman would have lost this game by 0.26 pts! That’s crazy! And that’s the way Bossman seems to continually find ways to win games! Once again, well done sir!

DaUnderdog (80.08) vs teamAlaska (79.36)

So last night I was having this crazy dream and it was all about how DaUnderdog (4-6) beat teamAlaska (6-4) by 0.72 points. It wasn’t just crazy because they won but that they won because two bears players for DaUnderdog (A. Robinson and C. Santos) scored 15.65 points on Monday night football AND the best part of the dream is that teamAlaska couldn’t even get 1 point from J. Graham in the same Bears game so they lost! Lol that’s funny and that wasn’t even the best part of the dream. The best part was that teamAlaska also had two of their top scoring players this week sitting on the bench! Wow…that’s a crazy dream and nightmare if you are teamAlaska! I can’t help but wonder however if this dream isn’t over yet and if in the dream there is a stat correction on the following Wed evening / Thur morning that changes the score and teamAlaska wins! Now THAT would make for a truly CRAZY dream!

HHH (135.96) vs Sportsfreak (125.19)

There were some big games this week and some big wins for teams but this win by HHH has to be one of the most important ones for a team. HHH came into this one really struggling as they had loss 4 in a row and facing yes a two win team but not your average two win team in Sportsfreak. HHH however did exactly what they needed to do and got the win in the highest scoring game of the weekend. I want to go back to my preview of this game where I wrote the following, “I expect a good connection between Murray and Hopkins” who knew that connection was going to be sooo good! Wow! And I also wrote, “I expect this to be close and I am guessing it will come down to J. Jefferson on Monday night football”. It did come down to J. Jefferson and like he has more times then not this season he came through for HHH with 19.75 points. This win put them back .500 on the season at 5-5 and now with three games remaining the playoffs are within their grasp! For Sportsfreak, they have to be wondering what more they have to do to get a win this season. Yes, they fell to 2-8 on the season but this is how you know your team is not as bad as it’s record and your luck really is terrible! Sportsfreak is 2-8 as mentioned but they have scored more points this season then our #1 overall team who has a 8-2 record! They are the 5th highest scoring team in the league this season. I did a quick look and in their 8 losses this season the team they lost to was either was either the top highest scoring team or 2nd highest scoring team that week in 5 of those 8 losses! Time to fire your defensive coordinator Sportsfreak!

pack slayer (124.72) vs PackerFANatic7 (100.88)

pack slayer proved this week that they are not giving up as they moved to 4-6 on the season and given that virtually everyone else ahead of them loss their playoff hopes look a lot better this week then they did going into last. A lot would need to happen for them to go from 11th place to 6th in three weeks but the fact is that they are a game out of the final playoff spot with three weeks to go. They won this week by finally getting a strong team effort as they had six positions score in double figures and outside of the 1.90 points from R. Nall everyone else got 7 or more this week. They are lacking in firepower so for them to have a chance to win these next three games this is the way at which they are going to have to do it. PackerFANatic7 falls to 5-5 on the season and continues their win one, lose one trend that started back in week 5. If that holds true, HHH is in trouble next week, Starrfavrerodg is happy in week 12 and DaUnderdog loses in week 13. That would mean a 7 win season for PackerFANatic7 which gives them a chance at a playoff spot but it may come down to a tie breaker of points scored. A win here would have been huge for them as they would have moved a game ahead of the rest of the field for the 6th and final playoff spot and they would have been tied with three others for the 4th spot. They need to figure out a way to string a winning streak together and what better time then the last three weeks of the season.

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!