Rapids Plungers (143.92) vs Pack Attack (120.89)

This was a big win for Rapids Plungers as they held on to their #6 spot with now two weeks remaining. Their stars came out and played like stars this week as D. Watson (32.28) and T. Hill (26.97) led the way! A lot can happen for this team in the final two weeks. They could end up with a first round bye OR they could miss the playoffs entirely. The good news is that they have been scoring well most of the season and would likely hold the tie-breakers against some of their closest competitors for that final playoff spot. This team has been here before and I am sure they are treating these next two weeks as if they are playoff games. The defending champs are hanging around and if you let them in the playoffs… watch out! I think this is a team that has been inconsistent but if they find that consistency that they had from weeks 3-7 starting now and into the playoffs they will be a tough out! For Pack Attack this loss ensured them of having their worst season ever! I mean 2020 has been odd with all of the civil unrest, rigged elections and then of course a global pandemic that causes a mass shortage on toilet paper! I am not sure however that they compare to Pack Attack likely finishing in last place in the league! Now that is truly remarkable! So 2020… *sigh**.

teamAlaska (110.57) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (71.12)

I know that every game is huge at this time of year but for teamAlaska (7-4) they needed this one to stop their 3 game losing streak and now with two weeks remaining they still have everything out in front of them including that so important first round bye. It wasn’t necessarily a pretty win but when it comes to this time of year those top draft picks need to come through and R. Wilson (18.74) and more so K. Allen (32.25) did just that in bringing home the victory. 16hrs ahead of you with the loss falls to 5-6 on the season and this was a huge blow to their playoff chances. They are by no means out of it but given their lack of points scored they are not only going to have to win their next two games but they are going to have to score a lot of points along the way. It’s not out of the question but if I had a % chance of making the playoffs meter I think we would be somewhere in the 5% to 10% range. That’s not a lot but with two weeks remaining there is still a chance so if I were 16hrs I would take it and do whatever I can to win these next two games. Anything can happen!

Big Papa (153.62) vs DaUnderdog (85.69)

There are some things that I like to look for around this time of year and of course winning is important but it is also how are they winning. Is there a team getting hot at the right time? Was a team underperforming because of bye weeks and injuries? Big Papa (7-4) after this weeks performance is on my radar as one of those teams. They have continued to find ways to win and have themselves in a great position to get their second straight playoff berth with a dominating win over DaUnderdog (4-7). The question I have is simple, was this the start of something for Big Papa or merely a good game and then next week we will see them fall back to their traditional 100 or 110 point efforts which we have been accustomed to this season? The one reason why I may lean a bit towards the fact that this may be a team building some momentum heading into the playoffs is how they won this week. It wasn’t because of one player having a huge 40 point game but it was because they had 9 of their 11 starting positions score 12 or more points this week. They also had two players on their bench who scored over 13. They have a big game next week against teamAlaska so we will find out a lot about this team in the next two weeks. For DaUnderdog, this was a tough loss and all but ended their season. They are not officially eliminated yet but I don’t see anyway this team makes the playoffs. Better luck next year for DaUnderdog.

U Don’t Know (132.46) vs BIGBOY! (74.29)

This has been an odd year for U Don’t Know (8-3). They started out 6-0 and they at which they were winning really seemed like this was the top team in the league and it wasn’t very close. Then they go on to lose three of their next 4 games and suddenly the questions start coming. Was this team overachieving in the first 6 weeks? Are they in danger of missing out on the first round bye and / or the playoffs altogether? All those questions but here we are after 11 weeks and U Don’t Know is back in the the #1 overall spot in the league thanks to a big win over BIGBOY! (4-7) this week. U Don’t Know now controls their own destiny and it is simple. If they win their next two games they will guarantee themselves a first round bye and likely the #1 overall spot. BIGBOY! is done. Yes, I know they technically have not been eliminated but trust me.. they are done! This is now the second straight season having missed the playoffs after their back to back championship seasons! Better luck next year for BIGBOY!

pack slayer (140.54) vs Bossman (121.33)

Well pack slayer sure has made things interesting with two weeks remaining! Let’s go back to week 9 as pack slayer had just got steamrolled by 101.35 points to at the time a one win Sportsfreak team. It was at that time that I pretty much had counted this team out! Well, these last two weeks they have looked really good and have moved their record to 5-6 on the season and just a game out of the final playoff spot. What has been most impressive is how they are winning. They took down a 6 win PackerFANatic7 team and this week they outdueled one of the better teams in the league in Bossman (7-4). pack slayer will be going for win # 3 in a row next week against BIGBOY! which with a win it would setup a potential win and your in game against Rapids Plungers to close out the season. Bossman despite the loss is still in really good shape for the playoffs and still has a good chance at that first round bye. The thing I am sure they are thinking about in this one however is that had they won this game they would be sitting as the #1 overall seed! They do close out the season against Starrfavrrodg which very well could decide who gets a first round bye in the playoffs!

PackerFANatic7 (125.80) vs HHH (122.05)

What a game this one turned out to be! A game with HUGE playoff stakes, Father / son matchup and with the winner being tied for the final playoff spot. It was only fitting that this one came down to the last game and the last minutes of the game. HHH had R. Jones and the Rams D playing in Monday nights game and the Rams D almost pulled it off. There was a point in the game where the Rams hit Brady’s arm on a throw and it was sooo close to being a fumble vs a incomplete pass. Had it been ruled a fumble the Rams player had scooped it up and took it in for the TD. I can’t help but wonder if they had ruled it a fumble on the field would they have left it? If that would have happened we would be talking about HHH with the win. The other thing worth mentioning is that R. Jones did nothing for HHH. They only scored 1.60 points in Monday nights game which was certainly unexpected given his 28pt game from a week ago. Overall this was a tough loss for HHH. It was however equally a great win for PackerFANatic7 as they move to 6-5 on the season and they now find themselves tied for the final playoff spot with Rapids Plungers but are losing the tie based on points scored. In my opinion, the season for PackerFANatic7 is going to come down to next weeks game against Starrfavrerodg. They win that game and they then get DaUnderdog to close out the season. This was a big win but I am sure they have already started preparing for the biggest game of their season next week! It’s crazy how far HHH has fallen. They were 4-1 through the first five weeks of the season but since then they have gone 1-5! They still have a shot to get to 7 wins which doesn’t guarantee a playoff spot but it does give you a chance. Their playoffs start next week!

Sportsfreak (134.48) vs Starrfavrerodg (92.98)

I wrote last week how Starrfavrerodg (8-3) was the only team in the league who had yet to have a week of not scoring 100 points. Well, they have must have been feeling left out as that is now done and so is their time in the #1 overall spot in the league. Does one loss make me forget about how good they have been since week 1? No! Every team has an off week and for Starrfavrerodg it is good that they got it out of the way now before the playoffs come. This team still controls their own destiny for a first round bye and the #1 overall spot is clearly very much in play. At this point, I would look at this as more of a blip then something to be concerned about. For Sportsfreak (3-8), they get win #3 on the season and they did it against the top team in the league coming into this week. The “What if” game is a frustrating and depressing game to get into but if there is any team that could it would be Sportsfreak. I can’t even look at this roster and think.. “What if” so I am sure Craig Jr. the coach of Sportsfreak is doing the same. This is a good team with some bad luck and if I was a team in the playoff hunt I would be looking at my next two weeks schedule and make sure I am not playing this team!

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!