Bossman (182.61) vs Pack Attack (132.84)

Now this is just borderline mean! A week after Pack Attack (1-8) got their first win of the season Bossman (6-3) came out and reminded them what a good team looks like by scoring 182 points in a dominating performance. Pack Attack will now proceed to go back into that deep, dark, lonely position known as the worst team in the league! Bossman has now won back to back games and they were led this week by three primary players, J. Allen (43.23), D. Cook (50.03) and J. Meyers (30.45). Yes, J. Meyers who was only starting because C. Ridley was out due to injury and both R. Woods and T. Fulgham were on their bye weeks. This is what the Bossman team is known for, finding those diamonds in the rough each week when needed that come in and help their team win. All three of their starting WR’s were picked up from the Free Agent pool this week and they scored 46 points combined. That’s impressive considering we had two teams that couldn’t even get to 70 points for their entire team and here is Bossman casually grabbing WR’s from the “there is no one available in free agency” pool of players and getting 46 points. Well done sir!

16hrs Ahead of You!! (119.22) vs BIGBOY! (83.91)

This was a huge win for 16hrs (4-5) as they stopped their two game losing streak and keep them in the mix for a playoff spot with only 4 games remaining. Yes, we are talking about playoffs and 16hrs with 4 weeks remaining! 16hrs had three players (M. Ryan, AJ Brown and C. Kirk) all score over 20 points and they got enough from the rest of their supporting cast to bring home the win here. This really felt like a game that 16hrs had to win as they have Rapids Plungers, teamAlaska, Pack Attack and U Don’t Know as their remaining 4 games. That is a tough schedule (minus Pack Attack of course) and they will likely need to win three of their next 4 to have a shot at the playoffs. For BIGBOY! (4-5) this was a disappointing and frustrating loss. They only had two offensive players score more then 10 points this week and D. Prescott who is walking around on crutches this week scored more points then T. Brady! They now have some work to do these next 4 weeks if they want to get back to the playoffs after missing last season.

Big Papa (107.26) vs HHH (89.71)

Big Papa just continues to find ways to win as they move their record to 6-3 on the season and are looking in great shape for the playoffs. This was another one of those less then impressive wins but at this point in the season with bye weeks and injuries you take the wins however you can! The fact of the matter is that Big Papa as 6 wins and in reality likely needs to win two of their next four games to lock in a playoff spot! HHH made a game of it with D. Brees having 26 points but he was the only player on their team this week to score over 10 and that usually is not going to get it done! HHH (4-5) falls to below .500 for the first time all year and after what looked to be a very promising season is now looking like one that may end up with them playing for consolation prizes come playoff time!

Sportsfreak (168.41) vs pack slayer (67.06)

Sportsfreak gets win # 2 on the season and this time in dominating fashion! This is not your average two win team as if you were to throw the records out the window and just start comparing rosters. I would tell you that a roster with K. Murray, D. Adams, DJ Moore, DJ Chark, J. Jacobs and C. McCaffrey would rank high on my list. Unfortunately for Sportsfreak we don’t throw records out the window and this uber talented team does only have 2 wins to their name and the only way they get into the playoffs is to do something that has never been done…. Get to the playoffs with a losing record. pack slayer falls to 3-6 on the season and they are all but done. Their coach must think the same thing as the excuses are starting to come to justify their performance, they were noted as stating “Haven’t had a 1st rounder all year”. I am not sure that anyone feels sorry but if you are looking for it… I am sorry that you got the #1 overall pick this year. That’s a bummer!

PackerFANatic7 (161.65) vs U Don’t Know (141.25)

Wow! I didn’t see this one coming. What a performance from PackerFANatic7 this week. After last week’s loss to the previously winless Pack Attack team I didn’t think they had a chance here but they came out and proved everyone wrong and they did so by having their best week of the season. They are now sitting at 5-4 and in 7th place due to Rapids Plungers having scored more points. This is that time of year that this becomes a big deal especially for those teams trying to get into the playoffs. I don’t have the number in front of me but it happens often where a team misses out on the playoffs because they lose the tie breaker of points scored. So for those teams sitting at 4 and 5 wins it is time to win and win BIG! For one week, PackerFANatic7 did just that and they now will be looking to string together some wins and get closer to that playoff spot. U Don’t Know played a solid game as it isn’t too often that you will score over 140 and lose but that is what happened in this one. They fall to 7-2 on the season but they hang on to the #1 overall spot because of points scored. Starrfavrerodg is now sitting at #2 and just waiting for another loss to take over! Despite the loss it was good to see them have back to back solid weeks after two really poor weeks. This team will be just fine.

Rapids Plungers (139.98) vs teamAlaska (130.05)

Is it surprising that this was the closest game of the week? Nope. Considering what I mentioned in the preview and how close each of the previous 12 games have been this was the type of game expected. Rapids Plungers (5-4) gets back to the win column after their close loss to BIGBOY from a week ago. This was a big win for them as not only did they avoid a mini losing streak but they took down one of the better teams in the league. They also have one of the easier remaining schedules so the playoffs are looking very promising for this team! teamAlaska falls to 6-3 after their 2nd straight loss. They have played against two tough teams the last two weeks and they like Rapids Plungers have a fairly easy schedule the rest of the way. I don’t see this team being in danger of falling out of the playoffs but they have a shot at that first round bye and finding a way to get there would be huge for them in these last 4 weeks!

Starrfavrerodg (129.20) vs DaUnderdog (56.78)

The train just keeps rolling as Starrfavrerodg (7-2) has now won 4 straight games and have more momentum then any team in the league right now. I was a bit uncertain of this team but they keep checking the one box that matters and that is winning! They have moved themselves all the way up to the top of the leaderboard and now have their eyes set on that top spot in the league! This has been an impressive rookie campaign for Starrfavrerodg and no matter what happens is will be a success but I think they have their eyes set on something much larger. Could they actually win a championship in their first season? We are a bit earlier to be talking that way but with 4 weeks remaining and the way they are playing right now they have to be considered as one of the favorites! DaUnderdog falls to 3-6 on the season and while they are not mathematically eliminated from playoff contention it would likely take their 1st round pick in S. Barkley to come off of IR and L. Jackson to actually resemble someone close to what he was last season. At this point, I am not sure which one is more likely to happen! If Lamar Jackson was reading this… sorry! DaUnderdog had 5 positions that couldn’t find a way to score more then a point. Hard to win a game that way!

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!