U Don’t Know (137.02) vs Rapids Plungers (108.68)

U Don’t Know did what no one could do last year and that is take down Rapids Plungers in the playoffs. Our defending champs had a really strong follow up run and had a solid shot at a repeat! However, it is easy to see where things went wrong as they only got 16.75 points from their trio of WR’s. Rapids Plungers will now go home and enjoy that trophy for as long as they can until they have to give it up to the new champion. U Don’t Know was able to get solid production from many players on their team as they had 6 players with 15 or more points this week. That has really been the way this team has been winning as there is not too many weak spots to be found! They are now one win away from their first ever championship!

Bossman (156.50) vs Big Papa (123.86)

Bossman does it again! They became the first team to ever make it back to the Super Bowl the year after losing. This was a different kind of win for them however. Bossman usually wins with more of a team effort but this week they had three players who took things over and led them back to the Super Bowl. Those three players, J. Allen (38.38), C. Ridley (34.15) and D. Cook (26.15) accounted for 63% of their teams scoring this week. Those three players will once again be counted on heavily next week to take home the trophy. Big Papa finishes the season one win away from a super bowl berth however despite a good season and finishing as the #2 seed not winning a playoff game feels disappointing I am sure. However, it doesn’t take away from the great coaching job that Craig from Big Papa did this season finding a way to get this team not just too the playoffs but a first round bye and even in the game this week they fought all the way up to the end. This is back to back seasons in the playoffs for Big Papa so they got some good things going right now but it is time for them to win a championship but unfortunately for them they are going to have to wait until at least next season to realize that goal!