Wow! We came into Week 12 knowing it was going to be a good week with a lot at stake. We knew that Week 12 was going to start on Thanksgiving day, but what we didn’t know is that it was going to end almost a week later! I don’t have a way of knowing this for sure but there is not a year that I recall being down to the final week and not one team has officially clinched a playoff berth. Our current #1 overall seed through 12 weeks could *technically* finish as the #1 overall seed or miss the playoffs entirely with a loss in the final weeks of the season. Most of the teams at the top of the league going into the week all lost which sets up what is sure to be a crazy final week of the season! Like so many have said… it’s 2020 what do you expect!?

Pack Attack (112.00) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (95.90)

A win here and 16hrs (5-7) could have kept talking about the playoffs with one week to go however Pack Attack (3-9) found a way to get the win and officially end their playoff chances! As they look towards next year 16hrs is going to need to figure out how to close out seasons better. They started out 3-3 this year but then since have gone 2-4. If they flip that around and go 4-2 you are looking at a team that would be right in the thick of the playoff race. They still have something to play for next week as they have only hit the 6 win mark once in the last 9 years. They could get to that with a win next week and hope that builds some momentum going into next season!

Big Papa (136.29) vs teamAlaska (98.17)

Want to know the team that benefited the most from last week’s games? Big Papa as they move to 8-4! Not only did they get the win over a potential playoff foe in teamAlaska (7-5) but they also moved all the way up to the #2 overall seed with one week remaining! A. Gibson’s 36pt effort on Thanksgiving day set the tone for Big Papa and they never looked back. I don’t want to say Big Papa has been sneaking up on people but they have won three of their last 4 games to now put them into a position to get one of the first round byes. That would be huge for this team as the one thing they have not been is consistent. Of the current top 6 teams, Big Papa has the most weeks of scoring under 100 points and that is 3! I am not saying that doesn’t make them a contender as sometimes it takes teams all year to find that prime roster and run with it but what I am saying is they haven’t been dominating their opponents so to get a free win (bye week) in the playoffs would be huge! teamAlaska has fallen and fallen fast as they have now lost 4 of their last 5 games and now are hanging on for dear life as they are sitting at the #6 spot thanks to the points scored tie breaker. The good news, they get to play the last place team in the league in Pack Attack next week. The bad news, most last place teams have checked out by now but Pack Attack is going to do everything they can to get a win considering it is their last game for the next 9 months!

This play would have been worth 2 fantasy points and win!
AND one more time!!

BIGBOY! (92.14) vs pack slayer (91.50)

Fantasy football is fun most of the time BUT sometimes there are moments or games or even years that make you want to… I don’t know… scream and forget that fantasy football was ever a thing! I am pretty sure that this week might be one of those games for pack slayer. pack slayer (5-7) came into this game fighting for their playoff lives while BIGBOY!’s (5-7) season was over. pack slayer was watching the Steelers / Ravens game closely as one of their better WR’s (D. Johnson) was playing in that game. They watched the news stories and decided their best chance to win was leave D. Johnson in their starting lineup and take the chance of his game being cancelled. His game wasn’t cancelled and was played on the first Wednesday afternoon game I have ever seen. Going into the game, pack slayer was down by 10.94 points but in the end D. Johnson could only muster 10.30 points! As tough as it is to see your season come to an end by less then 1 point it is even tougher when your one remaining player who gets paid millions of dollars to catch footballs can’t do that one simple task! I was watching this live and thought to myself… I better rewind and record this because I think pack slayer is going to lose because of it. Sure enough, with this play they saw their season literally slip through their hands!

DaUnderdog (97.54) vs Sportsfreak (94.10)

So I have no idea what to think about this one other then this kind of sums up how both of these teams have won and lost games this year! Sportsfreak (3-9) was projected at 131.51 points and they scored 94.10. DaUnderdog (5-7) was projected at 96.34 and they scored 97.54. DaUnderdog is 5-7 but the most points they have scored all season in a week is 117. They also won two games while scoring under 100. Sportsfreak is 3-9 on the season and they scored over 117 points in half of their games and yet they have two fewer wins on the season! I don’t know how this stuff happens but it does and now would not be the best of times for Sportsfreak to get into gambling as their luck doesn’t seem to be the greatest right now!

HHH (117.94) vs Bossman (108.27)

This was a MUST win for HHH (6-6) and they did just that to keep their slim playoff hopes alive with one game left. It wasn’t their best performance but HHH got huge production from both K. Cousins (30.41) and J. Jefferson (22.50) to get back to .500 on the season. So their season is technically still alive but they are going to need to win next week and score A LOT of points if they want in. There is a chance and that is all you can ask for at this time however 1% seems about right! Bossman did something very uncharacteristic of a Bossman coached team and that was that they left Ekeler and his 18 points on the bench. I know his status wasn’t know until after McKissic played on Thursday and he was coming back from being out the bulk of the year so you had to wonder how many touches he was going to get. You would have thought however Bossman coach Steve Boss would have hit up Mr. Schefter to get the inside scoop and make sure to have him in the lineup. Would that have led Bossman to the win? Yep. If Ekeler starts over McKissic then Bossman would be your #2 seed in the league and setup nicely for that first round bye. All that is still in play for them going into the final week however they no longer control things and will need help if they want that bye! The good news… Ekeler is back and looks like he didn’t miss a beat which is a good thing for Bossman and their championship hopes!

PackerFANatic7 (121.09) vs Starrfavrerodg (119.79)

Wow! Another great game that came down to the wire and was decided on Wednesday afternoon. Starrfavrerodg (8-4) needed 1.4 more points from the Baltimore D and they would be sitting alone at the top of the leaderboard. The Bal D actually played really well allowing Starrfavrerodg to think they may actually pull this one out but with 4:52 to play in the game the Steelers scored and that score was the difference maker. So let’s now talk about PackerFANatic7 (7-5) because well quite frankly I am impressed. Things looked bleak at best for this team 4 weeks ago but since then they have won three of their last four games and have beaten U Don’t Know, HHH and Starrfavrerodg. To say it has been eventful would be an understatement. They have won their last two games by a total of 5.4 points! Not an average but a total of 5.4! That tells me this team is tested and if they can find a way to make the playoffs watch out! They are currently sitting at the #7 spot so they are going to need some help this week but all they can do is control what they can control and they have been doing just that! I did want to end this one with a “What if” because well.. why not!? Remember I said the Ravens D needed 1.4 more points for Starrfavrerodg to win? If you didn’t know a INT is worth 2 points. Big Ben did everything he could to give the Ravens a shot with 2:34 remaining in the game!

A pick here and Starrfavrerodg may have a 1st round bye!

Rapids Plungers (241.28) vs U Don’t Know (166.39)

WOW! I am not sure what else to say with this one other then that! The 166 points by U Don’t Know (8-4) is good but the 241 points from Rapids Plungers (7-5) is AMAZING! In fact it is so amazing that it has never been done before. Yes, that’s right a congratulations are in order because Rapids Plungers now has set the record for the highest scoring week in league history! The previous high was set by U Don’t Know (223.98) back in the 2010 Season. 200 points is a rare feat and has only been accomplished eight other times in league history! There was also another record set and that was this game will go down as the highest scoring game ever with a total of 407.67 points scored. The previous highest scoring game was back in the 2009 season when once again Rapids Plungers beat Bossman by a score of 197.33 to 178.03 for a total of 375.36. There is also another potential record broken here but I don’t have the time to figure this one out and that is T. Hill’s 64.45 points scored in this one! That is ridiculous! Especially when you consider that we had 6 teams in the league this week that scored in the 90’s. I think what I took out of this one is that our defending champ in Rapids Plungers has as good of a shot as any team to win this thing again and U Don’t Know despite the loss still is one of the best teams in the league! I mean they would have beat every other team by 30 points this week but instead they went to the wall of shame for being the losing team of Yahoo’s “Biggest Blowout of the Week”! I am ready for this one again in the playoffs!

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!