Rapids Plungers (154.14) vs Starrfavrerodg (90.30)

And the defending champs are moving on!! Rapids Plungers moved to the Final Four as they come away with a convincing 64 point win over Starrfavrerodg. Basically, this was Rapids Plungers saying “Welcome to the playoffs, rook!”. For Starrfavrerodg they picked a terrible time to have their worst week of the season but despite the loss it doesn’t take away the fact that they had a great rookie campaign and one that they can build on. No one expects a rookie coach and team to come in and dominate but there was a point in time (not that long ago) that this team was the top team in the league by record. They are going to need to figure out how to finish off a season strong but this was a good start. Rapids Plungers got great production from so many players this week to help lead them to victory. They had four positions score over 21 points and another three positions over 10. If Wild Card Weekend was any indication of what’s to come the defending champs are going to be a hard to beat these next two weeks! Rapids Plungers moves on to take on the #1 overall team in U Don’t Know.

Bossman (131.31) vs teamAlaska (128.15)

Wow! This one lived up to the hype of a playoff game as both teams came to play! Adding to the drama is that this came down to the Sunday night game and the play of Bossman’s star QB Josh Allen and teamAlaska’s flex play in D. Singletary. It wasn’t exactly pretty or convincing but Allen got the job done and moved Bossman to the next round thanks to his 16.63 points. Singletary unfortunately continued to disappoint for teamAlaska as he only scored 3.23 points! Anytime you have a margin of victory this close it is always interesting to look at the “what if’s” and for teamAlaska there were two guys on their bench (J. Graham and their defensive backup M. Humphrey) who if either one of those players were in the starting lineup this week teamAlaska would be the one moving on not Bossman. This was a good season for teamAlaska though as they broke the streak of 8 straight years without a playoff berth! So even though it didn’t end the way they were hoping for just getting that monkey off their back has to feel good! Bossman moves on and will now get to play the #2 overall seed in Big Papa!