16hrs Ahead of You!! (129.73) vs Pack Attack (117.36)

16hrs Ahead of You!! (1-0) is off to a good start in their quest to making it back to the playoffs! They not only won this week but they also did it without much help from their top two picks in Justin Jefferson (8.77) and E. Elliott (4.50). If J. Chase (20.92) can keep up this level of play over the course of the season he will be a huge draft day bargain! It’s only one week but if the season were to end today, 16hrs would be in the playoffs! I haven’t been able to say 16hrs and playoffs in the same sentence for so long I figured I better say it now! Well done, 16hrs.. well done!

Big Papa (151.00) vs U Don’t Know (101.17)

Big Papa comes out on fire in week 1! Big Papa (1-0) was of course led by Mahomes (36.94) this week but they got great production from the rest of their team as well. They had 7 positions score in double figures and that type of production will usually lead to the W. U Don’t Know (0-1) starts off defending their title a little slow however if you look at the game there is definitely reason for optimism despite the loss. Specifically, let’s look at A. Rodgers (-1.34) and S. Barkley (2.78). I think it is a safe bet that barring injury this will be the lowest scoring week for both of those players. Let’s talk Rodgers for a second, Rodgers ends Week 1 as QB 35 in fantasy points… only 32 teams played! Yeah.. that’s not good but they still managed to get over the 100 point mark. Better days ahead for the reigning champ! Big Papa is on a mission to prove the doubters wrong and that they knew what they were doing in the draft and after one week they are doing just that!

BIGBOY! (128.27) vs teamAlaska (117.85)

BIGBOY! (1-0) starts of the season with a nice win here! Both teams started off strong on the Thursday night game as D. Prescott (34.93) for teamAlaska and C. Lamb (23.20) for BIGBOY! made this look like it would be a high scoring game. It ended up being a solid game but those two players ended up being the highest scoring players of the week for both of them. This was a very winnable game for teamAlaska (0-1) but I think you can point directly to A. Jones and his mere 3.25 points as one of the big reasons they couldn’t get that win AND not to mention they had a 20 point WR and RB (S. Shephard and M. Gordon) on their bench this week! BIGBOY! got the usual production from McCaffrey (19.98) but it could have been an even bigger game as he put up 20 points without a TD and without going over 100 yards rushing. He did however have 98 rushing yards and 89 receiving yards so this was a TD and a few yards away from being a 40 point game! BIGBOY! gets off to the good start and will be looking to keep it rolling next week!

Bossman (128.33) vs Sportsfreak (114.53)

Bossman (1-0) comes away with the week 1 victory over Sportsfreak (0-1) who had to be feeling fairly confident after they got 22.45 points from Antonio Brown in Thursday nights opener. They had a couple of solid performances but nothing spectacular until D. Waller (26.25) on last nights game which it looked for awhile he may actually be able to lead them to a crazy comeback win but Bossman had Ty’Son Williams (14.78) who was able to put up enough points so this didn’t get too close. Bossman continues the mantra that always seems to surround this team is they just find ways to win and this week a big part of that win was thanks to a great 14th round pick of Ty’Son Williams. Williams was his last pick before he filled out his D, DEF, and K positions! Well done Bossman! Sportsfreak is going to need better production from J. Allen if they want to be able to get back to the playoffs this year!

Rapids Plungers (144.21) vs DaUnderdog (113.50)

There are some things that don’t seem to change in this league and that is Rapids Plungers fielding a solid team and winning a lot of games in the regular season. If week 1 is any indication then they are in for yet another solid year and another shot at a title! Rapids Plungers drafted J. Winston in the 13th round the only QB’s taken after Winston in the draft were Big Ben and a guy that likely doesn’t see the field this year in D. Watson. Winston scored 35.43 points which was good for the second best scoring QB of week 1 only behind P. Mahomes who by the way was drafted in the first round of the draft. One last thing on Plungers to get their next opponent worried is that they did all of this with their top two picks (D. Adams and N. Harris) only scoring a total of 12 points! For DaUnderdog (0-1) you are not going to win many games when you have a WR that doesn’t log a point and your Defense gives you a -4 points AND your top pick in D. Henry only scores 7.82. Now there is some positive in that despite all this they still put up 113.50 points so if there is reason for optimism there it is!

HHH (131.28) vs PackerFANatic7 (92.71)

HHH (1-0) takes round 1 and let’s their son know that Dad knows a thing or two about fantasy football! PackerFANatic7 (0-1) had a tough week and in fact they had the worst week of anyone in week 1. I know that is not what anyone wants to hear after week 1 but the good news is that it is just one week and they have a lot of time to correct these issues but this team is going to need their RB’s (Gibson and Ekeler) to have more then 8-10 points a week if they are going to win games this season. HHH had a lot of things go right but losing Mostert was not one of them. Mostert when healthy is a good back however that is consistently the story for him as he has a hard time staying healthy and this year he made it just two carries! I do think the Trio of Wilson, A. Brown and D. Cook are going to make this team tough all season long.. how tough depends a lot on the supporting cast but for one week they looked good!

pack slayer (157.13) vs Starrfavrerodg (151.71)

Wow! What a game this one turned out to be! For most of Sunday, it looked like Starrfavrerodg (0-1) was going to come away with the victory but then T. Hill caught a 75 yard TD pass and in Sunday Nights game Stafford and Kupp combined for 52.49 points. pack slayer (1-0) then suddenly went into Monday nights game with a solid lead! Starrfavrerodg did have a slight chance as they had the best kicker in the league yet to play but he fell short and only scored 11.70 points. This is one of those tough luck losses as Starrfavrerodg would have beat every team this week except the one they played! pack slayer is the top dog after week 1. After one week, the trio of Stafford, Kupp and T. Hill seem like one that will keep them in and help them win a lot of games! It’s hard to not overreact here but Stafford in that Rams offense looked good and for one week has pack slayer as the #1 team in the league!

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!