Pack Attack (140.53) vs Big Papa (87.23)

What a difference a week makes as a week ago Big Papa (1-1) was lights out and had the second highest scoring week. Now to this week they ended up with the lowest score of week 2. Pack Attack (1-1) didn’t have a terrible week last week but they did get the loss. This week however they ended up with the second highest score in the league on their way to their first win of the season! It will be interesting to see how each of these teams look next week as they strive for some consistency.

16hrs Ahead of You!! (104.22) vs Starrfavrerodg (101.20)

Game of the week!? I think so but there are a couple of other games this week that could make an argument for that spot. This one was however the closest game of the week and yet again Starrfavrerodg (0-2) was looking to come from behind on Monday night. Last week they were relying on a Kicker to get them 17 points but he was only able to get 11. This week they needed 20.33 points from TJ Hockenson to get the win! TJ made it interesting by putting up 17.30 points but couldn’t quite get it done. So instead of a possible 2-0 start if a few things fall their way, Starrfavrerodg now finds themselves in a 0-2 hole. 16hrs ahead of you!! (2-0) is out here finding ways to win. Last week they took down Pack Attack by 12 points and this week they get the win by 3 points. These haven’t been the most impressive wins but for them to be sitting at 2-0 after the first two weeks is something they will for sure enjoy as the last time they started 2-0 was all the way back in the 2012 season! Now what we won’t talk about is that went 1-10 the rest of that season…. oh wait I guess we just talked about that. Let’s see if they can change that this year!

BIGBOY! (149.31) vs U Don’t Know (129.73)

Every year there is a team or two that jumps out of the gates quickly and looks scary good. This year that team seems to be BIGBOY! as they move to 2-0 on the season with a convincing 20 point win over the reigning champs! They are doing this with a very consistent lineup as they had 8 of their 11 starting positions scored 12 or more points. That is what you look for in good teams as the superstars can lead you a long ways but having multiple guys that can be the high scorer in any given week creates that consistency that the championship teams are made of. BIGBOY! has to be happy with how their team has looked through the first two weeks. U Don’t Know (0-2) knows a thing or two about championships as they are the reigning champ. The year after winning a championship is difficult and this start isn’t going to make things easier but they gained a lot of experience during last seasons championship run so I am sure they will get things figured out.

teamAlaska (125.73) vs Bossman (121.67)

Game of the week #2!? This was for sure one of the best games of the week. teamAlaska (1-1) lost last week by 9 points and in that week one of their core players A. Jones only scored 3.25 points. teamAlaska came into Monday nights game down by 24.29 points. Bossman had D. Swift playing while teamAlaska had A. Jones who as mentioned the week before had 3 points. The odds of Jones making up the 24.29 points and then outpacing D. Swift who the week before had 19.85 points would seem slim but as you all know A. Jones had one of those career type games where he scored 3 receiving TD’s and a rushing TD which led teamAlaska to the improbable 4 point victory! Bossman (1-1) got solid games from Brady (33.92) and Kelce (24.05) but that wasn’t quite enough in this one.

DaUnderdog (131.94) vs Sportsfreak (91.57)

Wow! I didn’t see this one coming. DaUnderdog (1-1) had a solid week 1 performance in a losing effort and I thought they had a chance here but I didn’t expect them to blowout Sportsfreak (0-2) by 40! With how things have gone for Sportsfreak over the past few years and now the start of this season, I am starting to think that the mindset of teams going into a week when they are playing Sportsfreak to be something like this “Oh good, I get to play Sportsfreak!” For DaUnderdog, they are going to win a lot of games this year if D. Henry puts up 48.88 points! 🙂 Of course, that is not realistic but it was great to see him have a bounceback game after a 7 point outing in week 1. This is however typical D. Henry where he has a blow up sort of game or games and then a couple of those 7 pointers sprinkled in. DaUnderdog is going to have to figure out a way to win when he has one of those rough games but for one week this has to feel good! A big win for DaUnderdog!

HHH (122.96) vs Rapids Plungers (116.49)

A third game of the week!? Yeah, I guess you could say that and yes it was a fun week of fantasy football especially for the teams that came out on top of these games of the week! This one also came down to the Monday night matchup as Rapids Plungers (1-1) was down by 25.52 points heading into the game. Usually that is a fairly safe point total but Rapids Plungers had their #1 overall pick in D. Adams yet to play and this is the type of game that your top picks are supposed to help you win. Adams had the type of game you would be hoping for with 8 catches for 121 yards but he was missing one big component to have that really big game and lead them to a win and that was he had zero TD’s. 1 more catch and that catch being a TD and we are talking about a great come from behind win by Rapids Plungers but instead HHH holds on to the win! HHH (2-0) remains undefeated on the season and they look to have a lineup that week in and week out is going to be tough to beat. They got another solid outing from both R. Wilson (24.93) and D. Cook (20.75) along with a nice bounceback game from M. Evans (20.75). If they can get AJ Brown going now this team will be that much tougher! A good start to the season for HHH.

PackerFANatic7 (124.16) vs pack slayer (108.79)

This was another one of those classic examples of why you love and hate fantasy football. pack slayer (1-1) scored the most points in week 1, PackerFANatic7 (1-1) scored the least amount of points in week 1. So this is a easy win for pack slayer right? Well, it somewhat looked that way as before the Sunday evening game pack slayer was up by 34.03 points. PackerFANatic7 had L. Jackson and M. Brown remaining but pack slayer had T. Hill who the week before had 37.12 fantasy points. So this is in the bag right? Well clearly not as L. Jackson (30.91) looked like his MVP self and he threw the ball a lot to M. Brown (22.65) but more shocking then that was the fact that T. Hill had only 14 receiving yards and 4.70 fantasy points. That’s a tough loss for pack slayer and a GREAT win for PackerFANatic7!

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!