BIGBOY! (111.82) vs Pack Attack (89.84)

BIGBOY! does it again this week as they find a way to win and move to 3-0 on the season. Now they did play the worst team in the league this week as Pack Attack (1-2) struggled to find points. A 3-0 start for a team that has missed the playoffs the past two seasons after winning back to back championships has got to feel good. There is a lot of football left but winning a game when CMC barely plays and two other starters couldn’t go due to injury (D. Johnson & D. Henderson JR) shows the depth this team has and why they are going to be hard to beat.

16hrs Ahead of You!! (135.60) vs Big Papa (115.06)

What just happened! Is this really happening!? 16hrs Ahead of You! wins yet again to move to 3-0 on the season! This is the first time since the 2012 season that they have been 3-0! They got solid production from a number of different players as they had 6 players score more then 13 points. They also finally got some production out of their top pick in E. Elliott. I don’t want to say it too early but could this be the year that 16hrs breaks the streak and gets back to the playoffs? Three weeks in and things are looking good. Big Papa falls to 1-2 on the season and they really haven’t had any of their players have one of those big time 30 point games. Mahomes got their once but you almost expect it from him at this point. This is a team that may need 40 or more from Mahomes until someone else decides to step up!

Bossman (122.13) vs U Don’t Know (103.91)

Well now this is interesting! Our defending champ U Don’t Know just lost their 3rd game in a row to start the season and they are now the only winless team in the league. It is hard to defend your title and through three weeks U Don’t Know is seeing that first hand. Bossman got a big win here moving to 2-1 on the season and putting that loss from last week behind them. Through three weeks there is certainly one thing that I didn’t see coming and that is the performance of T. Brady. Bossman took Brady in the 5th round which is higher then most may have expected him to go but there had also been a decent run on QB’s leading up to that. However, Brady through three weeks is not only the #1 scoring QB but he is the #1 scoring player! This my friends is why Bossman continues to year in and year be in contention. Let’s see how this ends up as the season unfolds but for right now it looks like the 5th round was far too low for Mr. Brady!

DaUnderdog (116.87) vs teamAlaska (101.06)

History repeats itself yet again as DaUnderdog has typically dominated this matchup over the course of the years and they did it again this week. In doing so they move to 2-1 on the season! This wasn’t easy and for awhile it was looking like teamAlaska may pull off the close win but then Jimmy G found. B. Aiyuk (both DaUnderdog players) in the end zone on Sunday nights game and that was all that they needed to secure the win. teamAlaska did have A. Jones playing who had a solid 14 point game but it wasn’t enough to keep pace in this one as teamAlaska falls to 1-2 on the season.

Sportsfreak (123.20) vs HHH (117.95)

There was a lot of good games this week and this was one of them that came right down to the wire and was won on Sunday night in dramatic fashion. HHH (2-1) was looking to move to 3-0 on the season but Sportsfreak (1-2) was hanging around thanks to a monster 42 point game from J. Allen. HHH had the SF defense going on Sunday night while Sportsfreak had M. Crosby. I don’t know the exact score (I was a little invested into the game) but based on the end score HHH was likely winning by less then a point. Rodgers leads the Packers down the field. Crosby kicks a 51 yard FG for the Sportsfreak win and the Packers win. That’s a good night if you are a Sportsfreak and Packers fan!

Rapids Plungers (149.13) vs pack slayer (146.41)

This one didn’t come down to the last second like HHH and Sporstfreak but it was a shootout and came down to the second half of the Monday night game before Rapids Plungers was able to breathe easy and get the week 3 win! These two teams were battling back and forth all day as once again the combination of Kupp and Stafford kept pack slayer in the game and it looked like may be enough to lead them to victory that was until D. Adams (29.60) had a huge game on Sunday night pulling Rapids Plungers close enough that A. Cooper and D. Goedert could seal the deal on Monday nights game. Rapids Plungers moves to 2-1 and pack slayer slips to 1-2 despite having the highest scoring team in the league through 3 weeks. Better days ahead for this team!

Starrfavrerodg (125.82) vs PackerFANatic7 (113.95)

Finally! That I am sure is the what Starrfavrerodg coach was thinking after another week and yet another down to the wire game. This one yet again came down to the Monday night matchup and Starrfavrerodg got some great garbage time scoring from J. Hurts (21.85) to win this one by 12 and get their first win of the season. PackerFANatic7 falls to 1-2 and I know they are not satisfied with this start and rumor has it that there has been some trade talks around big name players and this team. They are going to need L. Jackson to be his MVP self all year long though for this team to get to where they want to be.

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!