Pack Attack (102.07) vs DaUnderdog (92.75)

Last week Pack Attack (2-3) not only took the loss but they loss in ugly fashion as they couldn’t even score more then 93.78 points which is what Bossman scored to get the win. This week they only needed more then 92.75 points to get the win and well they fared a little better as they scored 102.07 points. Some would call this an UGLY win while Pack Attack a win any way they can get it right now. DaUnderdog really struggled to find points with Mixon not at full strength and D. Montgomery out however had they started A. Mattison (25.53) we would be talking about DaUnderdog and their 4-1 start instead they fall to 3-2 and will look to get back on track next week.

Bossman (177.86) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (134.17)

Bossman (4-1) complained last week that despite the win their teams showing was not good enough. They even used the word “embarrassed” by the win last week. Well, Bossman coach must have did something right throughout the week of practice because their team not only came out with a win once again but they did it this time by scoring 177 points which is easily their best week so far! They were led by Brady and his 49 points. 16hrs (3-2) played well but they couldn’t keep up with Bossman in this one. All you need to do is look at the QB position. Brady scores 49 for Bossman while Carr scores 3 for 16hrs and that is your difference in the game!

BIGBOY! (173.38) vs Big Papa (76.37)

Wow! So I said it last week but given how BIGBOY! (5-0) just won this one it is worth mentioning again. BIGBOY! is the team to beat and they seem to be head and shoulders above the competition right now. They just scored 173 points and that was without the best player in fantasy football (Christian McCaffrey) who it looks like will be back next week. The question now becomes how long can they keep this winning streak going and can they run the table!? Yes, they have been that impressive through 5 weeks of the season. Big Papa falls to 1-4 on the season and I think the word embarrassed probably fits here with how they loss! They couldn’t seem to get anything going on given the offensive outburst by BIGBOY! it likely wouldn’t have mattered. Big Papa will be looking to get back on track next week!

U Don’t Know (130.03) vs HHH (129.86)

Wow… again! I know I said that before but I will say it again because it fits! This one came down to last nights game and came down to the wire! Going into the game HHH needed Mark Andrews to outscore J. Taylor by 10.19 points or more. That seemed like a tough feat given how well Taylor has played and the most points Andrews had scored in one week so far was 15.45 points in week 3. Well then things got crazy, as M. Andrews started racking up the points but with the Colts set to kick the game winner it looked like it was over for HHH. Then of course the Colts kicker misses the FG for the win and we go to overtime. The 2nd play in overtime Mark Andrews catches a pass for 14 yards and puts them within 0.17 points! The Ravens march down the field and Andrews doesn’t touch the ball again. U Don’t Know (1-4) holds on to their first win of the season and send HHH to 2-3. Anytime there is a game this close it is fun (not for HHH) to look at just how close this really was. HHH needed 0.18 points to win. 3 yards… 3 yards from M. Andrews would have not only been enough to win but that would have given them a 5 point bonus. How about some other ways HHH could have won? How about 1 sack for their D, an extra point from their kicker, an extra tackle from their D player or literally 3 more yards from a WR, TE or RB. It’s also worth mentioning that D. Cook was in their starting RB spot for this one. Not going to say anymore as I think HHH has been through enough!

teamAlaska (128.81) vs HHH (93.58)

teamAlaska moves to 3-2 on the season with a really solid win over pack slayer. They have been extremely consistent this season and they keep moving up in the standings as part of that. Prescott has been playing really well and they have been getting production from across their team which is why you are seeing the consistency in scoring. They are a little beat up as it now looks like JuJu will be done for the season but they have enough depth and should be fine. For pack slayer they fall to 2-3 on the season after having their worst week and failing to score 100 points. This is rather surprising given this team was coming off back to back 146 + point games. This feels like more of a blip then anything to be too concerned with as they left a lot of points on their bench this week. The one thing to note is that they will be without their starting RB CEH for a “Few weeks”.

PackerFANatic7 (201.92) vs Sportsfreak (173.63)

Wow! Yes, for the third time in this recap…. Wow! What a crazy game this ended up being and the fact that PackerFanatic7 won by 28.29 points is hard to believe. Going into the Monday night game Sportsfreak had a solid 37 point lead. PackerFANatic7 had L. Jackson and M. Brown left to play and Sportsfreak still had M. Pittman Jr. I know Sportsfreak probably was cautiously optimistic in getting the win knowing that L. Jackson is capable of big games at any point. Well, if you watched the game you will know that L. Jackson and M. Brown combined for 81 points, that’s more then Big Papa’s whole team scored this week! Pittman Jr had a solid 16 point game for Sportsfreak but that wasn’t enough for them to keep pace. PackerFANatic7 moves to 3-2 on the season and sends Sportsfreak (1-4) to a crushing defeat. It isn’t often that you will score 173 points and lose much less lose by 28!

Starrfavrerodg (151.23) vs Rapids Plungers (137.93)

Don’t look now but this Starrfavrerodg (3-2) team is on a roll and have now won three straight after starting out the season 0-2. This was a big win against a tough Rapids Plungers team that falls to 2-3 on the season. After 4 straight weeks of games coming down to the Monday night game for Starrfavrerodg they finally got one that seemed a little less stressful. Now, I guess you could say this did come down to the Monday night game because Rapids Plungers had their K and D player going but for them to make up that much ground would have been tough given the positions. Rapids Plungers got 47 points from D. Adams and another 22 from N. Harris but the rest of their team didn’t show up. Seeing the winning points sitting on their bench (K. Toney – 29 pts) I am sure doesn’t make Rapids Plungers very happy however starting Toney over Higgins or Cooper? I doubt many people make that call!

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great week!